Daily Archives: June 19, 2010

The hilarious Denis Leary on Twitter. The germy iPads. And a classic movie that never gets old




In preparation for the return of my favorite show on television, “Rescue Me” later this month (you think those “Friday Night Lights” fanatics are obsessively devoted to telling people how great their show is? That’s how I am with “Rescue Me”) I checked out Denis Leary’s Twitter feed the other day.

Brilliant, of course. Sample tweets:  “World Cup News: England blames ball design for US goal. Fair enough. We still blame them for Boy George.”


“CIA made fake video of Bin Laden drinking booze, talking with young boys about sex. At end of tape Osama was transferred to another parish.”

Seriously, who’s funny more often than Denis Leary? I’m so glad he’s got a good career now, because for a while he was criminally under-appreciated.

Check out the Twitter feed and have a good laugh.

**OK, from the “information I could’ve lived without” department:

The New York Daily News did an investigation of how much bacteria and germs were on the display iPads sitting in a typical Apple Store. I’d guess quite a lot, off the top of my head, because thousands of people probably pick them up every day and play with them.

Well, turns out, yep, they’re gross. Of the four iPads the Daily News swabbed and sent to a lab recently, two of them came back positive for “harmful pathogens.”

So there you go. Don’t get an iPad, it could kill you!

**Finally, we all have movies that make us weak in the knees, that we can watch over and over again. Films that you stop and watch just about every time they’re on TV.

Ever since my father sat me down and had me view it for the first time when I was a kid, 12 Angry Men has always been one of those flicks for me. Caught it again late Friday night. What a masterpiece of filmmaking. It’s just 12 men (duh), sitting in one room, for 101 minutes, talking about a murder case they’ve been handed as jury members.

It’s just brilliant. Every time I watch it, I see a small detail I hadn’t noticed before. Friday night, in addition to the amazing performances of Lee J. Cobb and Henry Fonda, and the brilliant script, I appreciated the old man (juror No. 9) a lot more. He really does steal the scene every time he speaks. I also love Jack Warden’s one-liners, and the scene where Cobb threatens to kill Fonda’s Juror No. 8 always gets me on the edge of my seat.

I wish Michael Bay and some of these other action-movie fools would sit and watch 12 Angry Men sometime.  Then they could see that all you need for a memorable flick is a great script, a compelling story, and good actors who know exactly what they’re trying to get across in their part. That’s it.