Daily Archives: June 20, 2010

A couple of Father’s Day stories to make you smile. And the dancing Brazilian baby!

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there, especially mine, who did a pretty OK job, I’d say, raising me.

One story and two clips I wanted to share today. First, Esquire writer A.J. Jacobs always has some strange takes on things (he wrote a book once where he decided to live, literally, by the Bible for a year), but he wrote a wonderful article about raising his three sons in this month’s issue.

Check it out here.

**Then of course, since it’s Father’s Day, I must post the greatest father-son scene in the history of film:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

**And finally, because every father wishes he had a kid like this, the dancing baby that’s been taking the Internet by storm!

Seriously, this kid makes laugh and scares me at the same time.