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An amazing movie about Columbia’s Escobars. And a father showing love through Post-Its

For months I’ve been reading, from ESPN’s Bill Simmons and others, that as good as the other movies in ESPN’s tremendous “30 for 30” series have been, wait for “The Two Escobars.” That’s the one you’ll remember.

They were 100 percent right.

Telling the story of Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar (don’t worry, there’s no scenes from “Entourage”‘s pathetic “Medellin” movie here), and the unrelated soccer superstar Andres Escobar, who was murdered after a huge mistake in the 1994 World Cup (he accidentally kicked the ball into his own net during a game against the U.S.), this movie is flat-out phenomenal.

I don’t care if it’s in Spanish, with subtitles. The filmmakers have done a fabulous job taking you deep inside the lives of both men, and how incredibly dangerous and fascinating life in Colombia was in the early 1990s.

There are so many fantastic elements in this movie. First, you’ve got Pablo Escobar, who we all know was a ruthless drug lord responsible for the deaths of millions, either through his drugs or through is violent killings.

But the other side of Escobar is shown, too, the man who built schools and hospitals and tried desperately to help poor people in his country.

Then there’s Andres Escobar, the good-looking, young star of the emerging Colombian soccer team. Until the early 1990s, Colombian soccer was a joke, but everything turned around when Pablo Escobar, having risen to power in the underworld, began spending huge sums of money to attract the best players, train them, and help them win.

The movie traces the path of both men, with fantastic interviews with people like Pablo Escobar’s right-hand man “Popeye,” his first-cousin Jaime, and Andres Escobar’s sister and fiance.

We learn how the two men’s lives became intertwined, what really brought down Pablo Escobar (his former associates, really; you screw over enough people and some of them are bound to come after you), and how tragic Andres’ death was.

I know I’ve been raving about most of these “30 for 30” movies, but this one, and last week’s one on O.J., were the best. “The Two Escobars” is on again Saturday, June 26 at 10 p.m. on ESPN Classic, and on Friday, July 2nd at 1 a.m. on ESPN2. Definitely check it out.

**Well this is a sweet little website my sister turned me on to. It’s called Message With a Bottle, and it’s all about the little Post-It notes a stay at home father is leaving for his infant child. It’s also a way, the father explains, to remind him of all the little moments, and all the things he should and shouldn’t do, when raising his son.

 The memos are sweet, touching, and oh so human. There are so many ways that new parents try to capture the little moments at the beginning of their child’s life, wishing to preserve those moments forever in ember.

Here’s one father’s invention of yet another attempt to freeze time.