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Renting white guys in China. And the dog who survived being blown away

There are lots of countries in the world I don’t think I’ll ever understand. Whether it’s the culture, the people, the laws, whatever it is, I’m terminally confused and baffled.
China’s one of those places. It’s such a strange place that the more I learn about it, the more confused I become.
Take this goofy story I heard about on NPR, based on a tale first written in The Atlantic.
Businesses over there have been, basically, renting white guys. They pay Caucasians a good chunk of change to dress up in a business suit, come to dinners and conventions, shake some hands, and then go home.
Apparently it creates the kind of image the Chinese companies crave; showing how multi-national and important they are.
The writer of the story, Mitch Moxley, was one of the “fake” employees and made some good money. He did all kinds of “work” for his company, took his paycheck, and then moved on to “work” for someone else.

It’s a strange, strange world we live in.

**I had to read this story a few times before I really believed it. A small Hungarian dog was blown away in a storm, 20 miles away, and somehow managed to survive.
Somehow the dog survived the huge trip and was found by a man who lived 20 miles away from the home of the dog’s owner.
The dog was still in his dog house when the wind swept him away. Amazing that the little guy made it out OK.
And what a story the pooch (since renamed “Lucky” will have to tell his friends at the dog park.
Spike, you think you had a rough week? Please. Wait till you hear what happened to me!”

And how about this: Imagine living in this town in Hungary, Gesztered, and seeing a dog house flying through the air. I think that might be a little unsettling.

The dog survived the huge fall and was found by a man named Kalman Csutor, located 20 full miles from Tamas’ house, the dog’s owner. The noble man was looking for a away to bring back the poor dog to his owners, so he contacted a local radio station, that was able to locate the Tamas.

Tamas said that while in the house he saw how his all house is ripped apart by the storm. Later on he found out that not only the dog was gone, but the dog and the dogs house while he was in it.

The dog’s owner decided to change his dogs name to Lucky, which is without a doubt a suitable name for a very lucky dog.