HBO examines Neda’s life in Iran. A great career that should exist. And those Lohans love them some Carvel!

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It’s been a little over a year since a real revolution tried and failed to take hold in Iran.
What was an amazing display of courage, hope and faith in each other by the young people of that country spread throughout the world last June. Despite attacks from the police, despite the threats from the Ayatollah, millions of Iranians risked their lives to protest a hugely fraudulent election.

One of those people was Neda Agha-Soltan. She was a beautiful young girl who decided to get involved in the protests. When video of her being shot to death, then dying in the street in Tehran, hit YouTube, she became an incredible worldwide symbol of the disgusting repression of Iran, and the stakes the Iranians were fighting for.

HBO debuted a documentary about Neda a few weeks ago, called “For Neda.” and I watched it Sunday. It’s tremendous. Using interviews with her family, friends, and witnesses to her murder, you get a picture of who Neda was, far beyond the horrible, bleeding image we know of her.

She was one woman, among hundreds and thousands of others who were beaten and killed last summer. Things have not changed much in Iran since the Green Revolution was squashed. A dictator is still in power. The state still runs everything. But read this hopeful essay by an Iranian journalist in Newsweek, and believe that while last summer didn’t topple the regime, it’s certainly the beginning of the end.

Check out the HBO documentary when you have a chance (it’s running all month). Look at the faces of those who marched for justice.

You won’t be able to forget them so quickly.

**These are the kinds of things that my wife and I talk about: Something came on the radio the other day that made me think of mimes.

“You know it would be really hard to do an interview with a mime,” Julie said.
“You know what would be a great career? Being a transcriber for mime interviews with other mimes,” I replied.
“Totally. You could just sit there the whole time, and at the end of your shift, just hand in a blank piece of paper.”

Yeah, we’re a little strange. But we amuse each other, and isn’t that the key to a good marriage?

**If you grew up in the Northeast, you know all about the glory of Carvel ice cream. Soft serve at its finest, with the great Tom Carvel doing the voice on the commercials. They had Fudgie the Whale (above, right), Cookiepuss, the whole gang.

Well, apparently some people love Carvel a little too much. The fine folks at the company decided to give some celebrities a “black card” entitling them to free ice cream. A little good publicity, right?

Except the Lohan clan of Long Island just can’t play by the rules. Mom Dina and the clan abused the card so much in a six-month period that the store had to actually cut them off, and explained that the celebrities are the ones who are supposed to use the card, not their soul-sucking parents. Turns out Mom even called the cops to get her Carvel card back.

No Flying Saucers for her!

One response to “HBO examines Neda’s life in Iran. A great career that should exist. And those Lohans love them some Carvel!

  1. Too funny about the Lohans! Fudgy the Whale would probably be the best thing Lindsay has experienced in a while.

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