Daily Archives: July 11, 2010

A nominee for worst father of the year, a book recommendation, and a Tim Stauffer update

I know it’s only July, but you’re going to have to be a pret-ty big douchebag to beat this guy for worst Father of the Year.

A youth baseball coach in Pennsylvania named Ray Boudreau was arrested last week for allegedly punching his 9-year-old son in the face twice after the boy was ejected from the game.

Absolutely revolting. This guy should never be allowed to coach kids again. And yet another reason parents coaching their own kids can sometimes bring out the worst in the grown-up.

**I think I’ve mentioned this book before, but I heard the author talking on NPR today and it reminded me to plug his outstanding work again. Dexter Filkins has been an outstanding war reporter for the New York Times for the past decade, and he wrote a book last year called The Forever War, about his time in Iraq and Afghanistan. I know it’s not exactly “light summer reading,” but it’s an outstanding explanation of some of the problems plaguing the U.S. there, as well as a heartbreakingly poignant tale of human stories from Filkins’ travels. It’s only five bucks on Amazon right now; I highly, highly recommend it.

**Random interlude: My wife was looking at a bag recently and saw the word “degradeable” on it. She wondered, as did I, if this would have an effect on the bag’s self-esteem.
“Does this mean you are allowed to yell at the bag?” she wondered. “You suck! You’re a terrible excuse for a bag! Your brother was much better! I know bags who can hold 20 more pounds than you!”
Yeah, this is how we amuse ourselves in the Lewis house.

**Finally, an update on my old friend Tim Stauffer, the baseball player who is the pride of Saratoga Springs, N.Y. My man Tim has had an injury-riddled career, but was having a great season for San Diego until he had to have an emergency appendectomy in May.
Two months later, he’s finally healthy again, and Stauffer threw a scoreless inning for the Padres Friday night. Good job, Tim.