Daily Archives: July 30, 2010

A very cool stop-motion walk across America. Sherrod sues Breitbart, rightfully. And another lunatic candidate in Tenn.

Let’s start today with a very cool video. A stop-action film of a man walking across America. Stuff like this always boggles my mind, and makes me think that only 80 years ago, we all just listened to the radio for entertainment.

**I was happy to see that Shirley Sherrod, the African-American woman whose life and career were basically ruined by right-wing blogger Andrew Breitbart, has decided to sue him.

And it’s funny how now, President Obama and others in the administration go to great lengths to praise Sherrod and take some blame for the incredible over-reaction they made, by firing her before any of the facts were in.
Two weeks after the incident, though, I’m still horrified and ashamed at how quickly the USDA and the Democratic party turned on Sherrod.

It speaks to once again, how unbelievably frightened Democrats in Washington are. God forbid, we wait and verify before condemning. God forbid, we take a stand and support a woman who from all accounts has been an exemplary public servant.
When, when, when are the leaders of my party going to grow a backbone? Been waiting all my life for it, but it seems fear still rules the party I support.

**Is it me, or does this election cycle seem to have WAY more loons than usual? Seriously, I think every nutjob in America is running for office.
This guy might be my new favorite, though; Basil Marceaux (above), running for Governor of Tennessee. He starts the video by saying his name is “BasilMarceaux.com” and, well, it doesn’t get better from there: Check out his equally-insane website here.