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“Rescue Me” nailing it again this season. And my new favorite criminal, ever

I haven’t blogged about the best show on TV yet this season, mostly because I was on vacation and I forgot.
But a few episodes in, “Rescue Me” on FX has continued to kick ass. If you haven’t watched the show yet, you’re missing out, majorly. I’ve been telling people about “Rescue Me” for so long that one of my Facebook friends has started watching it, I think, primarily, to shut me up. (Hope you’re enjoying it, Amanda!)
Anyway, Denis Leary and the rest of the firehouse, Ladder Company 62, have been pretty entertaining so far.

Couple thoughts on Season 6, so far:
–I love that we’re now into Season 6, and Tommy Gavin (Leary’s character) is not evolving or growing.
At all. He just had his worst bender yet on the last episode, complete with three female hook-ups, thong-wearing, and losing his equally drunk 21-year-old daughter for about 24 hours.
Most shows would try to eventually redeem a rogue leading man like Tommy. Not this show. He’s almost died so many times on this show that you had to figure he’d learn his lesson by now. But nope, he’s still making the same mistakes.

–They’ve brought the funny back this season. Last year was pretty serious and heavy, with too much craziness from Sheila going on (she’s much better in smaller doses). But they’ve got Probie Mike and Shawn in a bunch of idiotic dialogues so far this year, and I’ve nearly fallen off the couch several times.

**I love that this recent bender by Tommy was caused by his belief wife Janet cheated on him with Franco, especially considering Tommy has slept with SO many other women over the five years of the show. And this time Janet’s innocent.

— We need more fires on the show. We’ve had hardly any this season. Just saying.

OK, stop reading this and go watch “Rescue Me.” Start with Season 1 on DVD to get the real feel, but it’s on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX if you want to just start now and not do all the hard background work.

**Ah, you have to love the chutzpah of some criminals. New Yorker Daryl Simon was convicted of credit card fraud back in 2007, but was a fugitive on the loose until 2008.
He was finally sentenced on July 19, but not before, and I swear I’m not making this up, submitting “fake letters of support from individuals and charitable organizations and altered photographs, in which he digitally inserted his own image into photographs of disabled and elderly patients in hospitals and groups of children at school.”

I love it. Let’s get the judge to think I’m a good guy by Photoshopping pictures of me helping old ladies across the street! Or volunteering at a hospital!

Apparently the prosecutors got suspicious when Simon was wearing the same shirt in all the photos.

He got 285 months for his crime. He should’ve gotten 10 more years on a stupidity charge.