Daily Archives: August 5, 2010

A giant defeat for intolerance and Prop 8. A correction to yesterday’s blog. And the cost of health care hits home

Reason has triumphed over hatred.
Honesty has trampled lies.
Love turned back hate.
Yes, liberals like me are rejoicing tonight, because a reasonable man named Vaughn Walker, a judge in California, realized that there is no earthly, legal reason why two people of the opposite sex shouldn’t be allowed to marry. Proposition 8 has been struck down.
It is a decision steeped in reason and not morals, in law and not angry rhetoric. Oh, I still expect moral indignation and shouting from the various bigots in our country, and I’m sure this case will be tied up in the courts for a few more years.  But we now have a clear path toward federally, legally-protected same-sex marriage.

It’s about damn time.

Once more, we have a person in power in the country, a reasonable (Republican!) judge, saying what we all have known for decades: Gay people are entitled to every single damn thing straight people are. Including the highs and lows of marriage.

One of my favorite bloggers, Andrew Sullivan, has been using a phrase for three years now that I think applies here:
Today, we know hope.

**Duped again. Remember this video I embedded yesterday, of the TV reporter knocking over the guy’s ice sculpture at the county fair?
Well, the TV reporter, KOCE’s David Nazar, admitted in an interview Wednesday that the thing was set up between he and the sculptor. Oh well.

**So after wondering where the heck it had been all these weeks, I finally got the hospital bill for my exciting “Hey guess what? You only have 1 kidney!” hospital stay.

And even though I followed the health care debate closely, and even though I theoretically knew how awful it was to not have health insurance, today’s bill still stunned me.

Fortunately, do have health insurance. My part of the bill came to $60. Perfectly reasonable. The amount of the bill, for a 36-hour hospital stay, if I didn’t have insurance?
$7,168. I was blown away by that. I had a very minor illness, with an IV, a few tests run, and then they discharged me. And it was SEVEN thousand dollars.