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John Boehner really is a schmuck. And in praise of a bank (seriously)

Sometimes, everything people say about a politician is correct.
Sometimes there’s no exaggeration, or spin, or hyperbole. Sometimes, the guy or girl really is a moron.
I don’t usually watch “Meet The Press,” but I couldn’t sleep Sunday night so I flipped on the TV late and caught the “Meet The Press” re-run.

And John Boehner was on, and he infuriated me so that I’m writing this now after 2 a.m. and will run the blog I had already written for today, tomorrow. Because I need to write about him now.
The House Minority Leader, Boehner was on talking about taxes and the deficit, and about spending. Like so many Republicans, he wants it both ways: He wants to reduce the deficit, but he also wants to cut taxes. It’s been pointed out to these people that if you cut taxes, that’s less revenue for the government. Giving, you know, the government less money to pay down the deficit.

So David Gregory, the host of the show, bless his heart, tried five times to get Boehner to answer the simple question: Should these tax cuts be paid for another way? Five different ways Gregory tried to get the scarily tan Boehner to answer. Five different ways Boehner responded by not answering.

There was more. He went on and on with platitude after platitude the rest of the show, refusing to take a stand on any position.
And once more, gotta lose these Republican hypocrites. “The Constitution should be strictly interpreted!” they shout. “Our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing, don’t be changing anything!” they yell.

And yet, Boehner and his friends in the GOP are now talking openly about wanting to change the 14th Amendment, so children of illegal immigrants born in the U.S. wouldn’t automatically become citizens.

Yep, it’s OK to change the Constitution if we can keep the brown people out, right John?

What a disgrace he is. The Dems ought to use tape of his interview Sunday as a fundraising tool. You want this man in charge again?

**One of my favorite things in life (besides chocolate chip cookies, sleeping late on Sundays, and, strangely, saying “Boutros-Boutros Ghali”) is when a company takes something really simple, and finds a way to make it even faster.
Bank of America gets a lot of criticism, and deservedly so at the CEO level. But I’m loving them right now for making life just that much easier at the ATM. You can now pre-program your answers to several of the questions you get when you use the machine. For example, let’s say I almost always take out $40 from my checking account, and I never want a receipt.

BAM, I tell the ATM that once, it recognizes me as the card’s user when I put it in, and now what used to take 30 seconds at the drive-up machine takes, oh, seven seconds.

See, just make things a little bit easier, corporations of America. That’s all I ask. Thank you Bank of America. I don’t know what I’ll do with those extra 23 seconds of my day, but I’m sure it’ll be something damn exciting.