A great night at the Emmys. And rude service-people do so much damage

Love the Emmy Awards. Always one of my favorite TV nights of the year. And yet I’m always disappointed and angry when my favorite shows don’t win.
Except Sunday night, they almost all did. Stunning to see quality rewarded. Thrilled that “Modern Family” and “Mad Men” both took home the big prize.

A few rambling thoughts from my brain from last night’s show, which I found very entertaining:

**Very nice job by Jimmy Fallon. Surprised at how good he was. The opening sketch was great, and I loved Fallon’s musical tribute to the three shows that went off the air. Brilliant.

**LL Cool J. As my wife said, “Dude, you’re like in your 50s. Time to take off the Kangol hat.”

**Jane Lynch had to win for her role in “Glee.” I only wish she wore the track suit and did a “Sue’s Corner” while she was up there.

**Great speech by Eric Stonestreet, Cameron from “Modern Family.” I loved that he said he’s giving the Emmy to his parents so they can see it every day “and realize what they made possible for me.” Very touching.

**January Jones is beautiful, but that was a pretty awful dress, I think.
**And Lauren Graham, sweetheart, I love you, but what the hell were you wearing? Not good.

**So glad Al Pacino won for the Jack Kevorkian movie “You Don’t Know Jack.” Although that was a rambling, weird speech, Al.

**I’m a huge fan of the death montage every year, and I loved this year’s, with Jewel singing along with it. But Dennis Wolper is the last person we see? He’s the most important death of the last year? And yeah, I moaned a little seeing Boner Stubone and Corey Haim in the montage. So sad.

**I like George Clooney more and more these days, because he can laugh at himself. That’s rare with famous people.

**Guess I should see that “Temple Grandin” HBO movie. I think it won like 412 awards.

**Finally, a long overdue win for Jim Parsons, Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory.” Such a great show, and such a great part. Really, it was a terrific night for people who like good TV.

**So I found myself in a department store in the mall the other day, and I had a pretty crappy experience with a saleslady.
This woman was rude, dismissive of the story I told (that a product I was told was in stock by another employee a short time earlier on the phone, now wasn’t in stock, it appeared), and just extremely off-putting.

And I wonder if she realizes how uncomfortable she made the situation for me. And how I simply won’t shop there again, because of her attitude. And that for all she knows I could be a big spender.  Just like I would patronize a store that gave me great customer service, just because they were nice, customers like me avoid stores because of one bad attitude from one employee.

I know retail work isn’t easy; I’m not saying every person should be as enthusiastic and helpful as Richard Simmons on a case of Jolt cola (do they still make that?).

But the damage one person can do to a store’s reputation is unbelievable.

5 responses to “A great night at the Emmys. And rude service-people do so much damage

  1. …and that’s when you seek out a store manager to describe your experience.
    Why should a store be held responsible if they are unaware of your problem? Give someone in authority the chance to rectify it. If you have a similar experience the next time you shop there, then you are correct in not giving them your business.

  2. OK, Emmys… I thought it was ok even though some of my Facebook friends made me feel like a loser for even watching. I know it’s not important, but hey — I love TV. I can’t deny that.

    Even though all were deserving, I felt bad about no love for Lost. Also, I thought Dexter would win over Mad Men just this ONCE. Agreed about Al Pacino’s speech. Like, I think they rushed through the final awards because he took so long to say whatever the hell he said.

    Also, a lot of sales people are rude — not all, but unless they work on commission, finding a pleasant one is becoming more rare. It’s like some pro sports players: They get paid the same no matter what, so why should they put in the extra effort? I hate to sound like a downer, but this is coming from someone that always goes in smiling…

  3. Jay, I’ve got to disagree. They SHOULD have been trained properly by the time they hit the floor. And if they haven’t been, or if they have and one person chose to let her bad day affect her training, then tough noogies. Why should I waste MORE time at this place that has already ticked me off. I usually react with my swiftest, straightest-line walk out of those places.

  4. Will,
    I must respond. As a former store owner I would want why a customer is not returning to my store. If I become aware of a problem, I have a chance to correct it. An employer can not know what every employee is doing every minute of the day. Give the store a chance to fix the situation. If they do not do so, then the message is there for you, ” we do not care, and we do not need your business.” I doubt a store will last very long if that is there creed.

  5. sorry for the typo….their creed.

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