Daily Archives: August 31, 2010

Notes from a bathroom wall. My super-fast computer. And the Open begins

One of the many, many things I’m fascinated by are the writings on public bathroom walls, and toilet paper racks.

So many thoughts go through my head when I see pen or marker, and a few words, while in the potty.
Why did some person feel they had to express themselves in words at that exact moment? And why did they have a pen or marker with them in the john? And why write it there, and not on the side of a building, or a restaurant table? Are they hoping someone comes along and says “Hmmm, I never knew Tina loved Angelo. I have a whole new sense of enlightenment on the world.”

Apparently I’m not the only one who finds this stuff interesting. While surfing andrewsullivan.com tonight, I ran across this blog tonight, called “Notes from the Stall.” It’s simply a really funny collection of stuff people have written on bathroom walls, stalls and toilet paper dispensers.

The one above is one of my favorites, but check out the rest here.

**Got my brand-new Dell computer the other day. I had an HP from, I think, 2004 that was simply dying. The poor thing was like a 1987 Pontiac running in 2010. It literally took about 10 minutes to power up and be ready to work when I first turned it on in the morning.

It was coughing and wheezing and near the end of its life, so I bought a new one and oh, my God, it’s like going from riding a tortoise to a cheetah. My Internet surfing now is SO much faster, like 35,000 times faster than it was.

I said to someone Monday (I think it was my friend Scott at work): Think about how much time I’ll save now in my life. Those extra 10-15 seconds I’d waste, waiting for a stupid website to load on my slow computer, they’re now gone. Think about all I could accomplish, if you multiply 10-15 seconds times 10,000!

I could cure cancer! I could run a marathon! I could finally write that novel!

Or, you know, I could spend more time on YouTube watching scenes like this, from “Almost Famous.”

**Finally, the U.S. Open, one of my favorite sporting events of the year, kicked off Monday in New York. I so miss living in NY and going to the Open every year. Complaining about the overpriced food, being amazed at how close I can get to the players on the outer courts; stumbling upon an incredible match between two guys I’ve never heard of, but who are playing their hearts out for 200 people far from the glare of fame.

As always I’m doing a U.S. Open daily blog for my newspaper; check it out here.