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A liberal learns to love the Tea Party. A question for fellow dog-owners. And “Parenthood” is back. Yay!

Note to readers: My first-ever book giveaway contest is still ongoing. I’ve gotten some good responses so far, but I’d love more. Once again, here’s the deal: Send me your best summer-camp horror story, of an experience you’ve had, and I’ll mail you a free copy of the new book “P.S. I Hate it Here: Kids Letters’ from camp.”

If you don’t want to post your story in the comments section of the blog, I completely understand (names might have to be changed to protect the innocent, and all that). You can stay (mostly) anonymous and email me your tale of woe to sweeterlew@yahoo.com. Thanks.

So it was another big night for the Grand Old Tea Party Tuesday. In my former state of Delaware, Christine O’Donnell bested state legend Mike Castle in the Republican primary.

And once again, I find myself loving the Tea Party again, despite being categorically against everything they stand for. This group of wingnuts is the best thing that could ever happen to Democrats, because by sending wingnuts to the general election race, they’re ensuring that the moderates will vote for the Dems.

Thereby keeping the Senate and the House in Democratic hands.
So thank you, Sarah Palin! Muchas gracias, Glenn Beck!
Watching the GOP tear itself down is so much fun to see.

**OK, I’ve got a question for all you male dog-owners out there: Do you have this problem?
Bernie, our dachsund, has perfected the art of walking across and up my body while I’m on the couch, and at least once a day, stepping his paw right onto my testicles. Which hurts. A lot.
What is the deal with this behavior? I mean, I know he’s not doing it on purpose (maybe he is, though: Maybe he’s thinking, “I’m the real man of the house, once I remove this guy’s balls like mine were removed.” He could be a devious little puppy.)

I think the solution is to wear a cup around my house at all times.

**I guess maybe my brain isn’t wired yet for fall TV, but I had totally forgotten that “Parenthood,” one of my favorite shows, was back Tuesday night. Discovered it at 10:15 p.m. when I looked at the DVR and saw that it was taping.

Very glad it’s back. Strong first episode, I thought, though I continue to think they wildly overplay Max’s Asperger’s Syndrome. Not that it’s not a serious thing, but it seems they go over the top with the portrayal.

Man, Craig T. Nelson is such a great actor. And the scene with Joel and Julia explaining “fertilizer” to a 6-year-old? Brilliant.