Daily Archives: September 20, 2010

A huge win for the J-E-T-S. And the rapping deli counter man entertains all

Every Jets victory is sweet for me.
But wins over the New England Patriots should count twice. Because they’re twice as sweet.
What a fantastic Jets victory Sunday. It looked bad early, especially when Randy Moss made that freakishly incredible catch over Darrelle Revis, who was injured on the play.
But Mark Sanchez played the best game of his young career, the defense stepped up and shut down that damn Wes Welker and Moss, and as a result, my boys got a much-needed win.
And as a result, my friend Patriots-loving friend Ali Taber now has to wear a Mark Sanchez jersey. And take a picture of herself wearing it. And post it on her blog all week. And oh yeah, it’s going to appear on this blog, too.
Because I know all you Jets fans out there want to see a Pats fan rockin’ the Green and White.
Ah, life is good on this Monday morning, isn’t it?

**I so enjoy the random slice-of-life moments that make day to day living so entertaining. I had a great one Sunday morning. I was in the supermarket waiting at the deli counter with about 6 other people, and this friendly deli man was greeting everyone with a smile, and having a great time fraternizing.
At one point he noticed a teenage girl that he knew, and from what I could gather, the deli man also worked at the kid’s school.
“Have you heard my lunch rap song?” he asked her. She shook her head no.
Then something wonderful happened: Friendly Deli Man began rapping. His song was titled “I’ve Got a Hunch About Lunch,” and there were like five verses.
I wish I could remember the lyrics, but I do remember that he rhymed “bologna” with something, and the song went on for about two minutes.
And there the six of us were, completely entranced and delighted by this friendly man who found a way to connect with kids through song.
And for a few minutes on a Sunday morning, I was reminded how wonderful it is when you love what you do, and you can make everyone’s day a little brighter with kind words.
When we finished, I put down my sliced turkey and applauded. As did a few others. And I guarantee you, when the other people standing in line with me got home from shopping, they told their loved ones about the rapping Deli Man.
And they smiled broadly while doing it.