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A brilliant start for “Boardwalk Empire.” And when a kid dies during a football game, STOP THE GAME!

A few housekeeping notes before the main blog post today:
1. I haven’t forgotten about my first-ever book giveaway contest, to the reader who sends me the worst summer camp horror story. I’ve got several really good entries so far, but I”m looking for more. I’ll keep the contest open through the end of this week; for details, read this post I wrote last week.

2. My Twitter account is sad. I only have nine followers so far. I’m trying to get better at putting fresh stuff on there, not just re-posting the blog. I’d like to get into at least double-digits in followers. So please, follow me, follow me to freedom!

3, An update on my bet with Ali Taber, good friend, excellent blogger, and Patriots fan: Ali lost our bet since the Jets beat the Pats Sunday, but she has as yet been unable to find a Jets jersey to wear, be photographed in, and post said photo on her blog and my blog. She said she’s tried, and I believe her. I’m seeing her in 10 days, so we’ve agreed if she can’t find a Jets jersey to wear by then, I’ll bring one up to her in Boston and she’ll put on one of mine. Don’t worry, I ain’t forgetting about this bet.

OK, on with the show…

For months I’d been eagerly anticipating Sunday night’s debut of “Boardwalk Empire,” the huge, wildly expensive new HBO show.
I heard so much about it: How it’s from one of the big writers of “The Sopranos,” how Martin Scorsese is directing it, and Steve Buscemi is the star. It’s set in Atlantic City, 1920, just as Prohibition is getting started.
It looked awesome from the previews. I went in expecting it to be fabulous.
And it totally delivered. What a fantastic first episode. They set up so many of the characters so quickly, and the writing was incredibly sharp.
The scenery was breathtaking, the acting fantastic (Al Capone’s first scene in particular was brilliant), and a whole bunch of other aspects were terrific, too.
Definitely check it out on HBO if you get the chance. First great new HBO series in a long, long time.

**OK, so this story angered me immediately when I heard it. Last Friday night, at a high school football game in Texas, a kid named Reggie Garrett suffered a seizure moments after throwing a touchdown pass in a game for West Orange-Stark High School.
Garrett was immediately rushed to the hospital, and according to reports, word began to spread that he died during the third quarter of the game.
And the teams kept playing.

That’s right. They kept playing, even after they learned of Garrett’s death. Disgusting. Despicable. You find out a kid on one of the teams dies, something that happened during the game, you STOP THE GAME. Have some respect for the kids involved, who saw their teammate collapse and never recover on the sideline, and have some respect for everyone in the boy’s poor family.

It’s a stupid football game, OK? It’s not life or death, it’s not that important. Stop the game, and allow the players to mourn. This isn’t a difficult call, yet these idiots involved apparently couldn’t figure it out.