A “Glee” season premiere: Meh. And the Pentagon really doesn’t want you to read this book

Even though I thought “Glee” ended on a down note last spring, taking a once-brilliant show and watering it down, I was still excited for the season premiere this week.
Then I was pissed when my DVR oddly didn’t record it Tuesday night; it’s like my internal programmer said “Nah, I don’t want high school kids singing and dancing on my hard drive.”
I finally watched it Wednesday night, with much anticipation. And I thought it was … OK. Not great, not terrible.
On the good side, we got plenty of Sue Sylvester. Still the best thing about “Glee;” I particularly loved her rant to Santana about her “summer surgery.” And I like the opening Jay-Z number, good stuff.
But so many of the plotlines were just … stupid. Artie on the football team, the new female football coach kicking Finn off for no reason, Mr. Schuster becoming a worse and worse actor every week (seriously, the guy WAY overacts to everything), Rachel being more mean and self-absorbed than ever.
And where the hell was Emma? They just forget about the guidance counselor/Schu love interest sometimes.
I don’t know, maybe “Glee” is trying too hard, and putting way too many musical numbers in each show.  The new characters they introduced have promise, particularly the blond football player kid.
I hope “Glee” isn’t a one-season wonder.

**OK, so this is like a good news/bad news thing for every author. The good news is that all 10,000 copies of your new book have been bought already!
The bad news? Nobody can read them.
That’s the situation poor Anthony Shaffer finds himself in. The guy has written a new book, called “Operation Dark Heart,” about his experiences while in the army in Afghanistan in 2003.
Apparently Shaffer reveals a little too much about operations, so the Department of Defense is making an arrangement with the publisher, St. Martin’s Press, to buy and destroy all 10,000 copies of the book’s first printing.
That’s gotta suck if you’re Shaffer. You’ve got a best-seller that no one can read.
I hope St. Martin’s prints more, because I’d LOVE to know what’s so explosive that the DoD doesn’t want us to know about.

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