Daily Archives: September 24, 2010

The Facebook guy does a very good thing. A funny billboard I saw. And maybe the most disgusting political ad of the year

I’m never been quite sure how I feel about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.
On the one hand, he’s a brilliant visionary who found a website that has tapped so deeply into our culture that I can’t name a person I know who doesn’t use it.
He’s made billions of dollars and integrated our lives in many wonderful ways.
On the other hand, he shares our personal data without telling us, sometimes comes off as incredibly cocky, and struggles to explain himself often.

But I’ve got to give him big props for what he did Thursday. Zuckerberg announced that he’ll be donating $100 million to the school system of Newark, N.J.
If you’re not familiar with Newark, read this fantastic Esquire article by Scott Raab, about its fantastic young mayor, Cory Booker. I’ve been reading and hearing about Booker for years; he’s definitely a rising star in politics, and I’ve been an admirer.
Newark is a place that needs a lot of help, and like so many school systems across the country, its desperately short of cash. Good for Zuckerberg for using some of his fortune to help one city give its young people a better chance in the world.

**So occasionally, like you I’m sure, I’ll laugh out loud at a funny billboard while stopped at a red light.
Saw a really good one today, from, I think, Volusia County Pest Control, or something like that.
It read “A roach can survive a nuclear blast. And you’re armed with only a newspaper?”
Loved it.

**I know I shouldn’t let stuff like this bother me. But it does. Renee Elmers is running for Congress in North Carolina. She put up this racist and bigoted ad and is getting all sorts of national attention for it.
How disgusting that she thinks putting up a house of worship is a “victory mosque,” and distasteful that she, like so many others, is using the tragedy of 9/11 to try to score some cheap political points with closed-minded, ignorant voters: