A thrilling Jets win. More NFL thoughts. And a Craigslist rape victim speaks out

Huge win for the Jets Sunday night. H-U-G-E. Forget for a minute that once again a Jets-Dolphins game nearly gave me a heart attack, and two hours after it ended I’m still pumped up.
It was a tremendous win for the Green and White, for a lot of reasons. All the distractions of this week went away, and they just went out and played a great offensive football game.
— Mark Sanchez, you are very quickly earning my trust. Three straight games now without a pick, two straight games with three TD passes. Kid is growing up fast. It’s not even just the throws he’s making; it’s the throws he’s NOT making. He’s not forcing balls into double-coverage. He’s not trying to make a huge play on every snap. Tremendous, tremendous game.
— The penalties on the Jets were just so infuriating. So many dumb penalties. So many that cost them.
— Very odd seeing Jason Taylor play so well in a Jets-Dolphins game, and me cheering him on. Guy played great tonight, much as I still hate him.
— Braylon Edwards really learned how to be humble this week after his DUI arrest. He scores a touchdown, and does the same idiotic dance he did last week.
— Darrelle Revis, get well soon. Man was the Jets pass defense awful.
— Dustin Keller (above), you are becoming an elite NFL tight end. And his blocking has become so much better than it was.

— Still, 2-1 overall, 2-0 in the division, and a share of first place. It’s a great night, boys and girls. A great night.

**Couple other Sunday NFL thoughts:
— Shocking how badly the Giants imploded against Tennessee. Man that was tough to watch.
–Everyone who had the Kansas City Chiefs starting 3-0, please raise your hand. I don’t see anyone. The Kansas City Chiefs: One more reason I don’t gamble on NFL games.
— Brett Favre looks old. I don’t care that the Vikings finally won. Favre will not last the season in one piece.

**So I don’t usually watch Oprah, although I realize that she is the powerful force in the universe. Seriously, she is.
But a colleague of mine named Mark Harper pointed me to this story that was on Oprah recently; a woman named Sarah’s ex-boyfriend posted an ad on Craigslist, saying his ex was looking for a man to “be aggressive” with her, and please contact her to set up “appointments.”

161 men answered the ad, and one showed up and brutally attacked and raped her, later telling police he believed he was fulfilling her “rape fantasy” as described in the ad. The ex-boyfriend and the rapist are in prison for a long, long time. But can you believe 161 men signed up to do this?

Sometimes, the sickness of our society astounds me.

One response to “A thrilling Jets win. More NFL thoughts. And a Craigslist rape victim speaks out

  1. Honestly, Michael, I’m surprised the 161 number isn’t higher, as sad as that sounds. Pretty pathetic. Congrats to your Jets.

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