Daily Archives: September 29, 2010

The awful stench of Carl Paladino’s mail. A really bad “Glee.” And the doctor who takes branding to a whole new level

Two disturbing stories today, for very different reasons:
Carl Paladino is one of the many, many nutjobs running for elective office this fall. Paladino will in all likelihood get crushed in the race for New York Governor by Andrew Cuomo, who I like very much but needs to learn to be less uptight in public.
Anyway, Paladino is a Tea Party-endorsed wingnut, and recently he and his campaign came up with a pretty foul idea to get attention.
They sent out mailer brochures with pictures of legislators who work in Albany, and the mailers have a distinct odor of … rotting vegetables.
The grabber headline at the top of the mailer: “The stink of corruption in Albany is overpowering.”
It happens to be true; Albany is a broken as any state capital could be (I hear you, Springfield, Ill., but New York has got you beat.)
But having people think of awful, putrid smells when they think of your campaign is probably not the best idea, though, Carl.
You’ll get thrown out into the trash just like your stinky mail did.
**I’m willing to concede that I may be in the minority on this.
But man, “Glee” has hit rock bottom. That was an astonishingly bad episode Tuesday night, and it’s not because they did Britney Spears music.
What started to happen at the end of last season, with the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, completely abandoning interesting storylines and plot and basically making the show one musical number after another, has continued totally this season.
This show has become, basically, “Cop Rock” in high school. And yes, I was a “Cop Rock” fan back in the day.
There used to be SO much good about “Glee.” How it confronted social issues, the brilliant Sue Sylvester, the heart and passion it showed.
Now, it seems to me, it’s just one jazzed up music video after another. Really sad to see it ride off the rails so quickly.
**I’m all for enthusiasm in a person’s job. But Dr. Red Alinsod took enthusiasm to a whole other level recently.
Dr. Red performed a hysterectomy on a woman named Ingrid Paulicivic. Except when he was done taking out her uterus, he decided to brand the removed organ by writing her name on the uterus using an electrocautery device.
There was no medical purpose for this; Dr. Red was just trying to make a “friendly gesture,” he says in this document in The Smoking Gun.
Ingrid is suing her physician. Can’t imagine why.
Hey doc, next time send flowers or something.