Daily Archives: October 11, 2010

Trying to love Kendrick Meek. And another crazy day in the NFL

As the leaves change in most parts of the country (except here in Florida, where nothing changes in fall), I find myself trying really, really hard to love Kendrick Meek.
Meek, if you don’t know, is running for Senate on the Democratic ticket here in my state of Florida. He seems like a nice enough fellow, but he has absolutely zero charisma. He’s also being hurt by Charlie Crist defecting from the Republican Party and running as an Independent. Crist is hardly a Democrat but he is peeling votes because he’s so much more moderate than Tea Partier Marco Rubio.

Meek is a hard guy to love, I’m finding, and the charisma thing is a big part of it. It’s unfortunate but I think African-American candidates after Barack Obama are going to be held, partly, to his standard. Obama was such a fiery campaigner, and made you feel things you hadn’t felt before.
Meek’s just a nice guy with some recycled ideas who doesn’t make you want to run through a papier mache wall, much less a brick one.
I don’t think Meek will win, even if Crist wasn’t in the race. I just wish he and his campaign had something to get me, and millions of other Fla. Democrats, fired up.

***So my Jets didn’t play Sunday, which is good because I had a bad cold and wouldn’t have been able to yell at them in full throat. The green and white play tonight against Brett Favre, Randy Moss and the Minnesota Vikings on “Monday Night Football.” I am quite confident about this game, which worries me. The Jets are getting healthy, they’re at home, and Favre is in the twilight of his career.
A win would be huge, and not just because Favre was going to be our savior two years ago till he got hurt and tanked down the stretch.

Some other NFL thoughts today:
** Go ahead, YOU figure out the New York Giants. They beat down the Texans Sunday quite thoroughly Sunday, a few weeks after stinking it up royally.
**I love that every team in the AFC South is tied for first and last at 3-2.
** I’d hate to be a Redskins fan this season. Every game gives you a heart attack. And at the bar where I watch games, that’s no joking matter; the average age of Skins fans at this place is 94.
** Something has happened to Peyton Manning and the Colts offense. Either that, or the rest of the league has finally figured them out.
**Finally, hooray for the Detroit Lions, who finally got a win. that’s three in the last two years, if you’re scoring at home.