The new sport of chess boxing (seriously). Two great “Modern Family” lines. And the mysterious smell.

I’ve heard of a lot of crazy sports before, but this one might be the strangest I’ve ever heard of.
Started in Europe about 10 years ago, and now huge in London, I bring you … chess boxing.
A sport where you box your opponent for three minutes, then stop, take off the gloves, and play four minutes of speed chess.
Then they go back in the ring, for round 2. The whole thing goes on for 11 rounds, and if no one wins, there’s some kind of points system at the end.
It sounds nuts. But listen to this story, on NPR’s “Only A Game,” and it all starts to make a little more sense.
I love that, as one of the guys says in the story, you’ve got a total physical challenge mixed in with a total mental challenge, in the same sport.

Check the video at the top of the page of what it looks like; fast forward to around 2:00 to get to the good stuff.

**Another great episode of “Modern Family” Wednesday night. Man that show brings the funny every week.

Two lines I totally loved from this episode:
1. Mitchell, talking about the repercussions if they don’t get 1 1/2 year old Vietnamese-born Lily into preschool right away:
“Leave it to the gays to raise the only underachieving Asian in America.”
2. And then Cameron, at the end of the episode, in the waiting room at the prestigious preschool, after seeing their “two gay men raising an Asian baby” angle upstaged:
“Disabled interracial lesbians with an African kicker? Did not see that coming.”
Such a great show.

*So I’ve recently moved into a new place, and there’s a weird smell.
At first, I thought, well, every house has a weird smell at first, and then later on you get your own smell, and it’s all good.
But this smell is different. For one, it smells like dog food. For another, it only smells in the kitchen (right when you walk in through the garage) and in one of the hallways.
In the other rooms, it doesn’t smell at all. And there’s no carpeting in the kitchen, so that’s not what’s making it smell.
Very mysterious. It’s not overwhelmingly bad, but you can definitely smell it. And of course I checked, there’s no dog food in the house.
Anyone with suggestions about what the hell the smell could be, I’m all ears (and nostrils, at this point.)

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