The haircut ritual. And the fascinating concept of “weed dating.”

So I got a haircut Thursday, at my usual place.
The banter was good, we had a few laughs, and 20 minutes later I walked out back into my daily life.
But while I was in the chair, a place where I usually practically nod off, or plan the rest of my day, I started thinking about the futility of my fight against my hair.
Or more accurately, the loss of it.
Every time I get a trim, I notice a few gray hairs sticking out of the sides, but that doesn’t bother me so much.
It’s at the end of the cut, when the barber holds the mirror up behind my head, and I get to see my large bald spot in the mirror, that I get sad.
Oh, I use Rogaine and have tried other “cures”, too, but really, there’s nothing bringing my hair back. I’m not going for a transplant, and I don’t think my head will miraculously grow.
For me, and for other balding dudes like me, we come to accept what we have and be grateful it’s not worse. We crack jokes and we pretend not to notice that our forehead is getting bigger. 99 percent of the time, we don’t think about it.
Until that one moment at the end of the haircut, when we’re reminded of what we once had. And what’s no longer there.
When I was a kid a friend of the family named Sandy Katz used to admire my thick curly hair and joke “Save some for me at the barber next time.”
I would laugh. Now, I feel like saying that to some other young punk with a thick head of hair.He doesn’t know how good he’s got it.

**Yeah, I know.
“Weed dating” sounds like it would be two strangers in a room, getting stoned, and then seeing if they like each other before the bag of Cheetos runs out.
But sadly, that’s not it. Weed dating is a new social event in Vermont, where single farmers of the opposite sex get together and weed a row of produce together. Then, when the row is done, they switch it up and they each get a different man or woman to weed with.
It’s so easy to make jokes here. Do people who meet this way make out on the back of a tractor, instead of in a car? Could the pick-up lines be anything like “If you think that husk of corn is long, tall and strong, you should see my …”
But seriously, I commend the brains behind this operation for trying something like this. It can get lonely out on the farm.
Not that I’ve ever, you know, actually lived on a farm.
But I can imagine it’d get lonely.

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