The most unobservant parents of the year. And the Cheez-Its bandit strikes

I’m not a parent of teenagers, at least not yet.
But I’m pretty darn sure, in the handbook they give you when kids are born, that Shlomo and Jeannie Rasabi’s recent behavior isn’t on the approved list.
Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure they win the prize for most clueless, idiotic parents in a while.
Our friends Shlomo and Jeannie, of Boca Raton, Fla., were arrested last week after a party thrown by their son resulted in 500 kids, nearly all of them underage, resulted in teens passing out, throwing up, and exhibiting other fun behavior.
While the party was going on, The Smoking Gun reports, the Rasabi parents were locked in their bedroom. When cops interviewed him, Shlomo claimed “I didn’t even know all these kids were here, they all brought alcohol into the house.” The 59-year-old added, “It was never supposed to get this big, I was in my room the whole time.”

Jeannie Rasabi, 43, told investigators that she had planned the party, but “I was in my room the whole time because my son wanted me to stay there for the evening so he could have the party.” She also claimed, “Everyone brought their alcohol into the house.”
Of course. How could the parents, locked in their room, possibly have any idea that there are 500 kids drinking and partying in their house? I’m sure the walls are very thick, they each had headphones on, and they had NO IDEA the chaos that was downstairs.
Seriously, shouldn’t some people have their parenting license revoked after something like this?

**Staying in the state of Florida, I give you the Cheez-Its bandit. Yes, we all love Cheez-Its, the crunchy snack they give you on airplanes and that we all buy in the supermarket once in a while. (Well, not all of us. I’m pretty sure my mother has never eaten a Cheez-It.)
In Jacksonville a few weeks ago, a man robbed a house and was seen by a neighbor leaving with a box of Cheez-Its in his hand. The neighbor took a quick photo of him, and the woman who was robbed, Ricki Bower, identified the box of Cheez-Its, saying “Those are mine.”
I love the quote at the end of this story by Bower, referring to jewelry that was also stolen:
“The jewelry was my mother’s. She is deceased, and I would love to get that back because it is irreplaceable. He can have the Cheez-Its.”

If they were Cool Ranch Doritos, I don’t think she’d be quite so forgiving.

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