Another insane week in the NFL. David Silver on “Housewives?” And a great story about the 11 lost on Deepwater Horizon

I truly think the lifespan of men who gamble money on NFL games goes down every year.
Every season, this stuff gets less predictable, and more insane. I bet on the NFL through fantasy football, but that’s quite a bit different: I can rely on my big stars every week, even if their teams aren’t that good (eh, check that. Thanks for those four INT’s Sunday, Drew Brees, star QB of my fantasy team this year).
Sunday, the following happened:
— Cleveland, the second-worst team in the league, beat the Super Bowl champion Saints.
— The Buffalo Bills, who are awful and winless, nearly beat the Baltimore Ravens, falling 37-34 in OT.
— The Oakland Raiders, who go entire months without scoring 50 points, scored fifty-freaking-nine on Sunday to beat Denver. Fifty-nine points!
— The referees again screwed up and cost a team a game, as the Miami Dolphins recovered a fumble in their own end zone at the end of their loss to Pittsburgh, only to have the refs change the call and give the ball back to the Steelers. Who of course then kicked the game-winning field goal. I’d be more outraged, but it was the Dolphins, so I’m happy they lost.
All I can say is, I’m so glad the Jets didn’t play Sunday. Who the hell knows what would’ve happened to them.

**OK, I gave up watching “Desperate Housewives” after last season, because it just got so ridiculous.
But I caught a promo the other day for Sunday’s episode, and holy crap, David Silver from “Beverly Hills 90210” is dating Bree? That’s just so wrong. What would Donna Martin say about all this?

**Tom Junod is another of the handful of writers who I love so much, I’ll read anything they write, even if I know I don’t care about the subject matter.
Several years ago he wrote one of the greatest magazine articles I’ve ever read, about bullying and his experiences as a bully (check it out here).
Last month in Esquire Junod wrote a beautiful story about the 11 men who died in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf. We heard so much over the past months about the environmental costs, and the financial costs, of the spill.
But these 11 guys, it’s like they were forgotten. Nobody seemed to talk about them. Junod did an amazing job learning about their lives, their jobs, and their families.
Check out his fascinating story here if you want to read some fantastic reporting and writing.

One response to “Another insane week in the NFL. David Silver on “Housewives?” And a great story about the 11 lost on Deepwater Horizon

  1. Yeah, my wife watches Desperate Housewives religously and I watch it every once in awhile. David Silver has a solid track record with the ladies on TV and in real life. Bree is a downgrade from Donna, slightly, but age difference is big. Seems like Desperate Housewives gets Aaron Spelling castoffs with Marcia Cross (Melrose), Doug Savant (Melrose) and now Silver (90210). Rob Estes, one of my ATFs, was on the new 90210 until this year when he was written off some. and another of my ATFs Courtney Thorne-Smith has probably had the most successful post-Melrose run of them all with Ally McBeal and According to Jim.

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