The sad tale of “Rich Whitey.” A big weatherman Fail. And a hotel shampoo question that puzzles me

Spare a thought of pity for this guy today.
Rich Whitney is a Green Party candidate for governor of Illinois. Why anyone would want to be governor of Illinois, when it seems to be the most corrupt job in America, I don’t know. But anyway, Rich wants to be governor.
Except he may have a little problem on Election Day. Due to a typo on the ballots in 23 wards, he was called “Rich Whitey.”

Yeah, Rich Whitey. I love it. Can’t imagine any African-Americans NOT voting for a dude named Rich Whitey.
If only there were other guys on the ballot named “Poor Cracker,” or “Wealthy Latino.”
And yeah, I ran that picture of George Jefferson above because he was the first person I ever heard use the word “honky” to describe a white guy. And as a kid, I thought “Honky” was a damn funny word.

**When goofy weatherman stunts go wrong: Check out this video of a local TV weather guy doing a stunt with a pumpkin: Hang in, it gets good about :30 in:

**OK, this is another of those musings from my brain:  So you know how they give you those little bottles of shampoo when you check into a hotel? Well, of course you do. So let’s say you use only half the bottle during your stay. When the next guy checks into that room, he’s given a full, brand-new bottle.
So I wonder: What do they do with the rest of your shampoo bottle? Do they combine it with some others and make it into a full bottle? Or do they throw it away? Give it to a homeless shelter?
Inquiring minds want to know. The first correct answer gets my eternal thanks. And the rest of my next shampoo bottle when I’m in a hotel again.

One response to “The sad tale of “Rich Whitey.” A big weatherman Fail. And a hotel shampoo question that puzzles me

  1. Yeah, I’ve thought about that for hotels…thought about it for hospitals, too. LOL. Yuk!

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