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The world’s first drive-thru law firm. A hilarious election thought. And life imitating art on Halloween

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This is brilliant. Everything in our world today is fast, fast, fast. We get annoyed if there’s 2 people ahead of us at the ATM, or if we have to wait in line to get gas.

So why should visiting a lawyer be a hassle?  Your good friends at Kocian Law Firm in Connecticut bought out an old Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant and turned it into their new office. And they kept the drive-thru window.
So now their clients can pull up, talk to a paralegal, drop off or pick up papers, and get a small fries with a double cheeseburger (OK that last part I made up).
Still, one can only hope this spreads to other legal services. A drive-thru deposition (“I neversawthedefendantinmylifethankyougoodbye!”). A drive-thru cross-examination (“So you’re saying you weren’t in the building on the night of the 17th? OK, the light’s green, gotta run.”)
And of course, a drive-thru verdict, when all 12 jurors follow in their cars and shout their verdict into the clown’s mouth microphone.

**I heard and read a lot, a LOT of post-election analysis and spin Thursday. Some of it was good (Andrew Sullivan was particularly strong), some of it ridiculous, but nothing hit the nail on the head as much as this brilliant Facebook comment by my friend and fellow scribe Brian Hickey, talking about the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner:

Brian Hickey thinks it’s groovy that Republicans put a person of color into a position of power. He just wishes that color wasn’t orange.

I’m not going to lie. I did a for-real spit take when I read that.

**Finally, this is just too damn perfect. A 19-year-old Nebraska kid decided to dress up as a Breathalyzer test for Halloween. And that night, he was busted for drunk driving.
And yes, God bless the people at The Smoking Gun, there’s a photo of our hero, in costume, above and at the link.
I love it when life imitates art.