The guy who really hated Bristol on DWTS.” Tackling 8-year-old kids. And a sign of the apocalypse

We’ve all been mad at something on our televisions before.
And sure, we’ve all been mad at a Palin family member or two.
But only Steve Cowan, of Vermont, Wisc. has combined those two things.
It seems that Steve, a 67-year-old man, became so enraged watching Bristol Palin on “Dancing With the Stars” Monday night that he took out a gun and fired it at his TV because he thought Palin wasn’t a good dancer, his wife alleges.
Then Cowan turned the gun on his wife, but fortunately she escaped and was able to call police, who later arrested Cowan.
Who knew Bristol could have that kind of effect on men not named Levi Johnston?
I don’t watch “Dancing With The Stars,” but all I hear from people who do is how great a dancer Bristol Palin is.
I really shouldn’t be surprised; her mother has been dancing around reporters’ questions for two years now.

**Of course this story infuriates me, and not just because it involves a little Jets fan.
A drunk and angry Cleveland Browns fan tackled an 8-year-old kid wearing a Jets jersey in the parking lot of Browns Stadium Sunday after the Jets beat the Browns in overtime.
Yeah, that’s right he tackled an 8-year-old!
Read the gruesome details here.
And we New York fans get the rap for bad behavior all the time.

**Shamelessly stealing from the weekly Sports Illustrated feature of the same name, I give you my latest sign of the Apocalypse: Workers at a company called Aynsley China in Britian have rushed through production a whole series of commemorative mugs and plates honoring the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Which was announced, two days ago! And the china is already produced and available.
Sigh. I’ve never gotten Britain’s obsession with the royal family. Then again, I’m sure Brits don’t get our obsession with the Kardashians, so why don’t we call it even.

One response to “The guy who really hated Bristol on DWTS.” Tackling 8-year-old kids. And a sign of the apocalypse

  1. I have a “commemorative”mug of Prince Charles and Pincess Diana that a friend brought home for me. The kids are amused.

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