I rant about Internet video ads. And an incredible basketball trick-shot video

Got time for a rant? Of course you do, it’s Saturday.
My newest huge pet peeve is these damn videos on Web sites that start playing as soon as you just arrive at the site. You don’t click anything, all you’re doing is trying to get information about something, and these ads just start playing at a rather high decibel level.
And a lot of times you can’t even turn them off! They just blare on until their finished, or until you close the site and go find your information somewhere else.
Drives me crazy, because you get a helpless feeling while you wait for the annoying man (or woman) to shut up and let you get to your damn info.
I know, I know, advertising on the Web is hugely important, it supports a lot of great sites, yada yada yada.
It’s still damn annoying.

**This is Kyle Singler of Duke. He gets buckets. Phenomenal stuff. I want to believe this is all real, but some of it looks pretty incredible.
Kyle says it’s real, here, so I believe him.

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