Finally some money for 9/11 workers. And an awesome “30 for 30” on Marcus Dupree

It pisses me off that we’re sitting here in Nov. 2010, and I’m just now reading this story about how finally, rescue workers on 9/11 are getting their money for health damages suffered at Ground Zero.
These are people who risked their health, and their lives, to try to save lives and help America recover from one of the worst tragedies in our history. And yet New York City fought hard, challenging lawsuits and trying to save every penny, in attempting to limit the amount of compensation the rescue workers got.
These are people who breathed in toxic fumes, asbestos, and God knows whatever else, and it’s taken them this long to get paid from the city.
There are a lot of disgraces stemming from the post-9/11 , from the remarkable length of time it’s taken to get a proper memorial built, to the construction of new buildings on the site, to taking care of those who got sick on 9/11 trying to help.
Finally, these heroes are getting some relief. Better late than never, I suppose.

**Marcus DuPree is probably the greatest running back you’ve never heard of. An obscenely talented high school kid from Philadelphia, Miss. in the early 1980s, DuPree was can’t miss, and every college in America wanted him.
You’ve never heard of him, so something must’ve happened. I’ve been catching up on my ESPN “30 for 30″‘s this weekend, and “The Greatest There Never Was,” about DuPree and what went wrong, was simply fantastic. There are some insane stories that even someone like me who’s seen how dirty recruiting can be was surprised by, like the fact that ass’t coaches from Texas and Oklahoma moved to Mississippi for a few months while recruiting DuPree.

It’s a brilliant documentary that doesn’t paint DuPree or anyone in his life as strictly heroes or villains, and there’s actually a fairly uplifting ending for such a sad story about what might have been.
Definitely check it out if you can; ESPN is re-running it next Sunday, the 28th at 9 Eastern.
Here’s the trailer, watch it and tell me you’re not hooked:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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