Daily Archives: November 22, 2010

Another ho-hum thriller from the Jets. And life without HDTV

Yeah, I’m just going to start copying and pasting these Monday Jets game reactions on the blog.
I mean, every week they take the game down to the wire, and every week they find a way to win.
And every week, I love Santonio Holmes even more. Seriously, sign the dude to a contract extension right now, because his price is just going to up, up, up.
Another Sunday spent at Houligan’s, my beloved sports pub, and another last 20 minutes of a Jets game having me sweat profusely. This time, my boys made it a little different; they got way ahead, 23-7, over the Houston Texans in the fourth quarter. I actually started to relax, and feel good. Hey, finally, an easy win.
Except they let the Texans come all the way back, take the lead, and again it was Santonio and Mark Sanchez (and Braylon Edwards, who set it up) who bailed the team out and enabled the Jets to win.
“This must be the most dramatic 8-2 team in history,” I said to my buddy Sean at Houligan’s. He just exhaled and started breathing normally again.
I am fully convinced this is turning out to be a very special season for my Jets. Stuff like this happening over and over again? It’s not coincidence, it’s not luck. It’s just a team that finds ways to win, every week.

Couple other NFL thoughts:
— Can the Colts and Patriots play, like, every other week? Phenomenal game, unfortunately, won by the Pats when Peyton Manning shockingly threw an interception in the final minute.
— New Orleans is looking like themselves again. Though I have no idea if they’re the best team in the NFC. There are 6 teams who could be.
— Ah, the Bengals. They lead 31-14, and lose 49-31. Karma baby, karma.
— Jets-Pats, in New England, in two weeks for first place in the AFC East. I’m getting pumped already.

**Due to circumstances, I am currently without my beloved HDTV plasma, that I bought about three years ago.
I will have it again soon, but for the past month I have lived like it was 1995, with a regular, standard definition TV.
I didn’t think I would miss it that much. I was wrong. Way wrong.
It’s amazing how used to something like HD quality you get. Try watching sports, or movies, or a TV show like “Boardwalk Empire” in HD, then on a regular TV.
Check out ESPN Classic sometime and watch a football game from 1993. It may as well be from 1893. The players look grainy and far away. The colors are just bland and ordinary.
I know this isn’t exactly breaking news, but it’s incredible how much better it is to be a fan of movies or TV in 2010.