A Happy Thanksgiving: Great turkey, sweet potato pie, and a Jets win. And the madness of Black Friday

Pretty darn perfect Thanksgiving day for your humble blogger.
Traffic getting from Long Island to my aunt’s house in Joisey? Hardly any at all, either going there or coming home.
Food and relatives, both going down easily? Yep. My aunt, one of the world’s best cooks and I won’t hear anyone tell me differently, added sweet potato pie to our usual gastronomical orgy this year, and after 3 pieces I can tell you it was fan-freaking-tastic.
And the relatives were great as always; it’s interesting to see just how huge the generational shift has become in the extended Lewis clan. As a kid, there were just like 5 or 6 of us kids, and everyone else was old(er) people.  The grandparents and matriarch/patriarchs were all still alive and well.
Now, there are rugrats everywhere, and sadly only one grandparent left, my remarkable Grandma, Marcelle Kouvant, who is 92.
I know it happens in every family, this shift, but it was fascinating for me to look around today and see just how much things have changed.
Then I came home and didn’t have a heart attack with my beloved Jets for the first time in four weeks. So that was nice.
Not a great game for my boys by any means, a 26-10 win over the Bengals. Mark Sanchez looked shaky, but the defense was fabulous and Brad Smith, wow, two more huge touchdowns. Every year this guy wins 1-2 games by himself, and tonight he WAS the offense. What a valuable player.
And now, 11 days off until Armageddon at Foxboro: 9-2 Jets at 9-2 Pats. Man New England’s offense looks scary these days. The Jets’ D finally played a full game Thursday.
Belichick. Ryan. Brady. Revis.
Can this game just get here already?

**Of all the ridiculous things in our culture in the year of our Lord two thousand and ten, one of the most ridiculous to me is this whole “Black Friday” crap.
Stores opening at 3 a.m. Stampedes of people storming the gates, and in some cases, people getting trampled death. Thousands of stories on the news and on the web about “oooh, the excitement of shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving,” and “who’s got the best deals,” yada yada yada.
Just ridiculous. Is it really that important to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving? How much money are you saving by being online at Target at 2:15 a.m.? Shouldn’t you still be sleeping, for God’s sakes?
Ugh, just annoys me.  Here, here’s something better to do today instead of trying to save a few bucks.


One response to “A Happy Thanksgiving: Great turkey, sweet potato pie, and a Jets win. And the madness of Black Friday

  1. You know what else is insane? Trying to get back to your hotel from Magic Kingdom and getting stuck in Black Friday traffic b/c the outlet mall opens at 12am and people are lining up like it is the only day to shop between now and Christmas. Talk about irritating. I had pizza for thanksgiving dinner. But I make a mean sweet potato pie.

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