Our society hits a new low with “Bridalplasty.” Fed takes out Nadal. And R.I.P., Leslie Nielsen

Read this story today and just felt sad about the people who would want to be on this television show, and about the people who came up with the idea.
On the E! network, which has never met a sewer it wasn’t willing to happily wade into naked, a new show premiered Sunday.

It’s called Bridalplasty, and this is the concept: They take a bunch of engaged women, move them into a house together, and have them compete in various challenges, all to win the “grand prize” of the reconstructive surgery of their choice.
And this is the best (or worst) part: The winner’s husband doesn’t get to see his newly-plastic bride until the day of the wedding. So who the hell knows if he’ll freak out once he sees what she’s done to herself.
Hideous. Sickening. Disgusting. And yet, not surprising. It’s awful that women would subject themselves to a show like this, and awful that voyeurs among us out in couch-potatoland would want to watch.

**Sunday  brought a rare late-November tennis treat for me and other racket-heads. A Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal match at the ATP World Finals or whatever the hell it’s called, in London.
It’s definitely been Rafa’s year, with three Grand Slams, and Fed seemed to be on the decline. But Sunday, after splitting two sets, Federer spanked Nadal in the third set to win the final salvo of 2010.
This rivalry is so great because it keeps bouncing back and forth; now, on hardcourts, Federer has re-established he can beat te great Spaniard. Now, if they play again in Australia in January, Fed might just have the edge.
We’re so lucky to have these two guys playing at the same time.

**Very few human beings have ever made me laugh harder than Leslie Nielsen. “Airplane” and “The Naked Gun” are always must-stop viewing for me when I flip around the dial, even 25  or 30 years after they first came out.
Leslie Nielsen died Sunday at age 84, but what a legacy he left behind. How many people can leave this Earth saying they made millions laugh so hard, milk came out of their nose? The scene in “The Naked Gun 2 1/2” where Lt. Frank Drebin forgets he has his microphone on, and goes to the men’s room, is pee-in-your-pants funny.
Picking just one hilarious Nielsen clip is impossible, so enjoy this montage as a remembrance of a brilliant comedic actor (the scene at 2:20 still kills me)

One response to “Our society hits a new low with “Bridalplasty.” Fed takes out Nadal. And R.I.P., Leslie Nielsen

  1. How about the scene at6:15 ? I’m still laughing as I type this.

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