Daily Archives: December 1, 2010

The incredible importance of organ donation. And SI makes a good pick on Sportsman of the Year

I could sit here and be the 4,383rd person in your life to stress to you how important is to be an organ donor. I could tell you how the Mickey Mantle story, where at the end of his life he urged millions to sign up to be organ donors, affected me and so many others.
But I don’t want to preach, because you can’t make someone do something. I’m an organ donor, and I hope you are too.
Instead of preaching, then, I’d ask you to watch this remarkable, short video piece that CBS Sports did on Thanksgiving, about former NFL receiver Chris Henry, his mom, and the people she saved through the act of donation.
Please watch this, and then sign up to be an organ donor if you haven’t already. Look at what you could do:

**I take Sports Illustrated’s “Sportsman of the Year” award probably more seriously than I should. To me, it’s one of the sacred honors in sports, and every year I try to guess who the magazine is going to choose. Usually they do a good job, but when they screw up (Brett Favre over Roger Federer in 2007) it really angers me.
Anyway, SI made its pick for 2010 on Tuesday, and I really can’t quibble. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees had a phenomenal year, and his impact on the city of New Orleans as it recovers from Katrina goes way, way beyond the football field.
Brees has given back to the city, and helped lift it up just a little bit, in many, many ways. Here’s a link to SI’s story on why it picked him.