Daily Archives: December 5, 2010

Two ouststanding stories you should read. And a random thought on packaging

I could probably recommend Sports Illustrated stories that I’ve read three times a week on this blog.
That’s how good the writing is in the magazine. Is SI as good as it used to be? No. But it’s still damn good.
Anyway, two recent pieces I thought were outstanding and worth your time. The first was an incredible piece by Chris Ballard about a Cal Berkeley rower named Jill Costello, a 21-year-old, perfectly healthy non-smoker who developed lung cancer. She basically kicked cancer’s butt for a very long time, and her inspiring story brought tears to my eyes. The details and the emotion are amazing; what a brave, brave woman.
The other one is not a tear-jerker; it’s a very honest look at Michael Vick and his career resurgence, by S.L. Price. It’s one of those stories where every few paragraphs, your feelings about Vick change from good to bad.  It truly is a very strange thing, watching so many who reviled Vick, embrace him.
After reading this story, I’m not sure how I feel about him at all.

**So this struck me while I was in the drugstore Saturday. You know how store brands try to copy the products of the major label brands, by telling you to “compare this to ????” and you, as the customer, will do just that and discover the products are basically the same, only the store brand is cheaper?
Of course you do. Anyway, so I’m standing there yesterday, with the CVS facial scrub in my hand, and I see the Neutrogena facial scrub sitting on the shelf. And the packages look exactly the same, to the point where you could totally, by mistake, buy the storebrand if you really meant to buy Neutrogena.
And my question is: How is this legal? How can one company duplicate the exact packaging, color, size, etc. of another company’s product? I know there’s a big t0-do right now with school logos being similar to those of college teams, and the colleges getting all lawyer-y on their ass about that.
So how can store brands get away with this?
Inquiring minds want to know…