Daily Archives: December 6, 2010

Some football and futbol thoughts. The White House officially surrenders. And when your teammate is your worst enemy

Lots of scattered thoughts for a Monday morning:
— That was a hell of a football game between Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Good thing they only play twice a year; no way the players’ bodies could survive more than that. Delaware’s finest, Joe Flacco, came up on the short end Sunday, but he’s a Blue Hen: He’ll be back.
— One more reason I don’t bet on NFL games: The 8-3 Saints needing a last-minute TD to beat the 2-9 Bengals. And of course the Bengals lost because of a penalty on fourth down for jumping offsides. That’s why they’re the Bengals.
— On a day the Jets didn’t play, it did warm my heart to see the Dolphins lose on a last-second field goal. Enjoyed that very much.

**Jets-Pats. Tonight. Monday Night Football Can’t wait. Can NOT wait. I’m extremely nervous about this one, because the Pats have to have it, they’re at home, and giving Belichick 10 days to prepare is like giving Einstein an extra brain.
But I’ve got a feeling about this Jets team. They’re made for big moments like this. Everyone is waiting for them to fail, because their last four wins have been against the NFL’s weaklings. Well, here’s a heavyweight. Here’s a game that will show if the Jets really, truly are good enough to get to the Super Bowl, or are not ready for a big stage.
Man, 8:30 can’t get here soon enough.

**I know I’m a few days late on this, but soccer fans, you’re going to tell me this isn’t a corrupt sport when Qatar gets awarded the World Cup for 2022? Qatar, a tiny nation that is funded by oil sheiks, and is 143,000 degrees in the summertime? This is where you want to put on your most prestigious event? A place that has been rated “high-risk” for soccer by your own organization, FIFA?
Something shady has definitely gone down here; I have no doubt that Qatar’s winning had to do with lining the pockets of the committee.

Yeah, Qatar in 2022. Great idea, FIFA.

**So imagine you’re an alien from outer space and are presented with this scenario: The BCS computers spit out the names “Oregon” and “Auburn” Sunday night, to be the two schools who will play for the “national title” in college football in about six weeks.
Well, I’m glad we got that settled. I’m sure Oregon and Auburn are the two best teams, clearly better than Stanford, Boise State, and TCU. Because, you know, they’ve had a tournament and a playoff and … what? Oh, they haven’t had that. Well, I’m sure they’ve at least played each other and are in equally strong conferences and … what? They didn’t play each other?
So who says Auburn and Oregon are the two best? Well, some sportswriters. And some math formulas helped, too. Oh yeah, and some computers.
Yep, go ahead and explain that to an alien.

**Not that I’m really surprised by this, but it looks like the White House and those Satanists Republicans in Congress have come to a deal that will extend Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy. And what do the Dems get for this concession? Hey, unemployed people get to keep benefits longer. Whoo-hoo!
So happy the millionaires among us get to keep more of their money. So happy our President once again backs down. So happy that Democrats are left sputtering and clueless, railroaded once again by the party that’s NOT in power in 2/3 of the branches of our government.

And finally, the world’s worst teammate: