Daily Archives: December 9, 2010

My odd encounter with the baseball commish. And is talking smack on Facebook a crime?

So this was one of the more bizarre experiences I’ve had recently.
The other day I was in the Orlando hotel where baseball’s winter meetings are held, a gathering of agents, general managers, writers, and other assorted folk. It’s basically a Star Trek convention for baseball people, with better suits.
Anyway, so I was down there seeing a friend of mine who’s a baseball writer, and after he and I split up I was walking through one of the hallways when I spot Bud Selig and Joe Torre, standing in a small circle with another man I didn’t recognize.
And as I started to walk past them I look at Selig and suddenly he raises his left arm and starts waving me over to them.
Utterly confused, I figure he’s waving at someone behind me, so I keep walking. I take two more steps, and look over again and now Selig AND Joe Torre are waving at me to come over there.
I have no freaking idea what the heck is going on. But hey, when the man who led the Yankees to four World Series titles beckons you over, you probably should come over.
So I start walking toward them, and say “Can I help you with something?” (or something like that). When I get about two feet away, Selig holds up his arm again in an “I’m sorry” motion, and starts laughing.
I stop, and a guy next to Selig says to me “Sorry, he thought you were somebody else.”
I am momentarily, profoundly disappointed. Why wasn’t Bud waving at me? Had Joe Torre waved because he knew I was a big Yankees fan and just wanted to shake my hand?
A few words with the Explainer Guy later, and I’m on my way back down the hallway.
Hey, some people have greatness thrust upon them, others of us are waved over mistakenly by Joe Torre and Clueless Bud Selig.
I wonder what I would’ve said to Bud if I’d had the chance. Maybe I’d have wished him a Happy Hanukkah.

**This is a story that I really don’t know how I feel about. Two teenagers, a boy and a girl, attacked and beat up a 16-year-old girl as school let out one afternoon.  School officials, and police, watched surveillance video of the attack and figured out it was pre-planned.
What’s more, the victim told police that she discovered a group of students had talked about and planned the attack on her on Facebook. So the police are contemplating charging the Facebook posters with conspiracy and other charges.
Very tough call here, I think. The FB posters didn’t actually do anything, they apparently just discussed the girl and what could be done. Then again, they did know about the planned attack, and may have helped organize it.
It’s a crazy world we live in now, where FB posts can get you thrown in the slammer.