Daily Archives: December 13, 2010

An incredible invention for “stainers” like me. A unique way of storytelling. And that pathetic Green and White football team

I have many flaws. One of them is that I absolutely, positively almost always find a way to stain my clothes.
Doesn’t matter how careful I am, doesn’t matter how much I’m thinking about the great new shirt I’m wearing, and how difficult it would be to clean. Doesn’t matter that I carry Tide to Go sticks and OxyClean in my car. Doesn’t matter if I buy pants that say they are stain-resistant (“Ha!” I yell at them. “I don’t think you can resist me!” I do this in stores and people occasionally stare.)
I stain, therefore I am. It’s just something I’ve come to accept about myself.

But the German company, Nanopool, they’re here to help me. And this is just so cool. They’ve invented something called liquid glass. It’s a spray-on, protective coat, one million of a millimeter thick, of pure silicon dioxide.
The spray-on liquid, called Quantum LiquiGlas, acts like an invisible shield, protecting us from stains, bacteria (how helpful would this stuff be in hospitals?), and other dirt.
How cool is this? Gotta love those Germans sometimes. I don’t think this stuff is available in the States yet, but man, as soon as it is? I’m buying it by the caseload.
Until then, I’ll be the guy at the party with the red wine stain on his shirt.

**I always love when reporters take new and brave steps in telling a story. And when the story is as heart-wrenching as this one, well, it’s just a terrific piece of journalism. A writer named Ian Shapira decided to tell the story of a woman’s highs and lows during pregnancy and the aftermath through her Facebook updates.

I’m warning you, this is a sad story you’re about to read, from The Washington Post, if you click here. But it’s also a remarkable story, and I urge you to read it.

**Yep, the Jets suck.
No two ways about it. Sunday was the second straight Jets game which made me want to pull my eyeballs out in frustration (a lot harder than pulling your hair out, let me tell you.)
At least last Monday night, when the Patriots pummeled my boys 45-3, I could take solace in that they got destroyed, and had no chance.
Sunday against the equally-inept Dolphins, the Jets just freaking blew it. Mark Sanchez was awful. The offensive line was awful. The receivers were remarkably bad in catching the ball, kind of an important skill (nice to see Braylon Edwards’ end-zone dropsies rubbing off on Santonio Holmes.).
This team is going nowhere, fast. They’re looking at two more losses in a row now, with Pittsburgh and Chicago on the schedule.
Sigh. Time I start paying all my sports attention to the Rangers and Duke basketball.