Daily Archives: December 14, 2010

The joy of stupid bank robbers. And Don King, packing heat at a funeral

**I don’t believe I’ve written about stupid criminals in a while, and since, like that back-stabber Jay Leno, I love stupid criminals, I wanted to share this story today.
Seems these two Einsteins in Oregon named Brittney Sykes and Emma Westhusing decided to rob a bank. And they got away with it for a little while, took their $1,370 bags home, and as they were going through the money, found a tracking device that a teller had put in one of the bags.
So of course, to get rid of it they … well, go ahead and think of 493 things they could’ve done with it, and I bet you’ll never guess.
Sykes took the thing and threw it under the floor mat of her car, then went ot her computer to google what the hell the thing was.

Miraculously, through incredible police work not seen since “Hill Street Blues,” the Oregon cops soon arrived at Sykes’ house and arrested. her. Read the hilarious details here.

**And now, since I just brought it up and got all nostalgic, here’s one of the best TV theme songs ever, from a terrific show: (Not that you asked, but the 5 best TV theme songs ever? “Cheers,” “Hill Street Blues,” “Perfect Strangers,” “WKRP in Cincinnati, and of course, “Love Boat.”)

**Ah, Don King. What a wonderful fellow. Monday, on the way back from his wife’s funeral, he was stopped for carrying ammunition for two firearms in his bag.
King is 79 years old. He was on his way back from his wife’s funeral. Is there a real need for weapons at the funeral of your 87-year-old wife? Was he afraid Bob Arum, or Mike Tyson, or one of the other hundreds of fighters he’s screwed out of millions, was going to come after him?

Don King is crazy.  He’s also a criminal. But he is damn entertaining.