Calling in sick has never been a worse idea. And the disgusting treatment of Bradley Manning

It’s bad enough that millions of people in America can barely afford to take vacations anymore.
Now, even sick days are too dangerous to attempt. At least, if you work for companies that are particularly paranoid.
Meet Rick Raymond. He’s a private detective, and he now gets hired by companies to spy on workers who have called in sick. He follows them to the beach, or to the ballgame, or whereever else they might go.
Then he reports back to the boss about where Mr. Jones really went on Thursday.
I don’t know, is this really necessary? Apparently so. A study cited in this story said 57 percent of salaried employees take sick days when they’re not sick.
That seems awfully high to me. Are we really that dishonest of a country?
This whole story makes me ill. Maybe I’ll have to take a day off today…

**You know, I try not to think bad thoughts about my country. I try to believe that things can’t possibly be as bad as some say it is.
And then I read this about the current treatment of PFC Bradley Manning, the former U.S. Army private who has been accused (key word there: accused) of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks.
Check out how Mr. Manning is being treated: He is a Maximum Custody Detainee, which means he is completely alone in his cell in Virginia for 23 of 24 hours each day.  He is not allowed to exercise in his cell.
He is not allowed to have sheets or pillows (and not because he’s a suicide risk). He is not allowed to have any contact with other humans except for that one hour a day he’s outside. He can’t access any news programs or have any idea what’s going on in the outside world.
This is a 22-year-old kid ACCUSED of a crime, an American citizen, and this is how he’s being treated! This is a goddamn outrage, and no one seems to give a hoot. Before a trial, before any evidence is presented in a court of law, Bradley Manning is being treated like a Gitmo terror suspect.
As Glenn Greenwald points out, this used to be classified as torture in the United States. We used to care about the long-term psychological effects this would have on people.
Now, it’s standard operating procedure on a kid like Bradley Manning.
Absolutely disgraceful.


2 responses to “Calling in sick has never been a worse idea. And the disgusting treatment of Bradley Manning

  1. I am actually in FAVOR of taking a sick day when you are not actually sick…I used to do it as well. Considering that many companies only give ONE week of vacation to employees during their first year of service, I think it is more than fair for employees to take a “mental health day” if said company is not going to provide adequate vacation time to it’s employees. Did you know that Europeans get SIX weeks of vacation? No matter how long they have worked at a company? Most Americans get 2-3 weeks, maybe 4 if they have been at a company for a long time the company is generous. The company I used to work for finally did away with “sick” days and made all days off, “paid time off”. So it didn’t matter why you were taking the day, it was a day off. you got more PTO days, but it seemed more people came to work sick so as not to use their “vacation” days. There’s no way to win.

  2. Thank you for bringing this disgusting treatment of this pvt. to my attention. It is beyond outrageous. But what can you expect from a country that allows an ex-president to go unpunished when he openly admits that he violated laws of our country. He is living scot free today and making tons of money off of his book. Now that’s JUSTICE!!!

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