Daily Archives: December 20, 2010

Tremendous win for Jets. Epic collapse by Giants. And JibJab

Well, I’ll be darned.
Just when I was ready to give up on the green and white, the New York Jets came up with a huge (hold on, that’s not big enough. A HUGE) win over the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday.
Just like it has so many times this season, the game’s outcome came down to the final play. Steelers ball, down 5, on the Jets’ 10 yard line. I was pacing so much in my house I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a new groove in the floor.
The last two weeks, the Jets blew it, and I worried that they were going to blow it again.
But they didn’t. They hung on, beating a very, very good Steelers team, 22-17.
Some quickie thoughts on the game:
— Mark Sanchez, that was a terrific game you played. Really smart, really poised, you did almost everything right.
— OK Jason Taylor, with that enormous safety in the fourth quarter that put the Jet up 5, you have officially earned your stripes. You are a Jet now in the fans’ eyes. May have been the biggest defensive play of the season.
– There were a few questionable and strange play-calls, but the much-maligned Brian Schottenheimer, the Jets’ offensive coordinator, did a hell of a job  Sunday.

‘Some other NFL thoughts on a crazy day:
— Incredible collapse by the Giants. I mean, an all-time collapse. They were up 31-10 with 8 minutes left in the game. And lost on the final play, on a punt return for a touchdown. The Giants melted down in all three phases of the game; not sure they can recover from this.
— Michael Vick. Breathtaking. What a fantastic athlete he is. We were talking at the bar Sunday about how he said he wants to be a dog-owner again. And we agreed: He should start with owning a goldfish and see how that goes first. Then maybe he can graduate to a hamster or a gerbil.
— I had no doubt whatsoever that Peyton Manning and Indy were going to find a way
— If you haven’t seen this already, please watch the Patriots’ Dan Connolly, a lineman, rumbling 73 yards on a kickoff return Sunday night. Hilarious.

**The guys at JibJab.com, who have given us so many funny videos over the years (I still love their John Kerry/W video from 2004), have come out with a pretty funny video summarizing 2010.
It stars a dancing Barack Obama and a dancing Joe Biden. Forget all those year-end shows on TV, this is the only 2-minute wrapup of the year you’ll need: