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The best corrections of the year. And a very strange lawsuit in California

One of my favorite year-end compilations is done by Regrettheerror.com, which does a wonderful job all year of collecting and poking fun at the best newspaper corrections. (check out the top headline in the above photo; who knew those colliders were so aroused?).
The year-end report always cracks me up; maybe I’m a corrections nerd, but I think these are really funny. One thing I noticed this year is the huge number of corrections, embarrassing ones, coming from the British tabloids.
Hey, I guess when you just make shit up all the time, you’re bound to get some of it wrong.
Here’s the whole list, but these are two of my favorites:

1. In our Saturday post about the California Democratic Party’s ad attacking Meg Whitman but masquerading as an “issues ad,” we described the abrupt ending to our conversation with CDP Chairman John Burton. Through his spokesman, Burton on Monday complained that he had been misquoted. Burton says he didn’t say “Fuck you.” His actual words were, “Go fuck yourself.” Calbuzz regrets the error.

2.New York Times: A capsule summary on Friday directing readers to pictures of ugly creatures at nytimes.com/science left the impression that fish and crustaceans are not part of the animal kingdom. Many of them may be ugly, but they are no less animals.

OK, I lied about listing only two of my faves. I love this one, too.

Daily Mail (U.K.):
It was reported today that Kimberley Stewart-Mole is now in a lesbian relationship, having left her husband Mike Hollingsworth. We have been informed and accept Ms. Stewart-Mole is not a lesbian or in a relationship with a woman and apologise for suggesting otherwise.

**This is bizarre, even for California. Meet Preston Hill (above), a 17-year- old wrestler from Clovis, Calif. A terrific grappler, Preston has learned all the moves through the years, including something called a “butt drag.” (get your mind out of the gutter, dear reader. Apparently that’s what it’s really called).
That’s a wrestling move where one wrestler grabs his opponent’s, well, butt, and forcibly throws him to the ground.
Hill did this move on a younger teammate during a practice, and now, incredibly, Hill is being charged with sexual assault. Read all the details of this crazy case here in the N.Y. Times.
I don’t even know what to say to this. Clearly Hill was trying to intimidate his younger teammate, but if this really is a common wrestling move, how can the district attorney bring a criminal complaint?
It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.