Daily Archives: December 24, 2010

The guys who robbed the “Free Store.” Another airport thought. And my favorite Christmas song, ever

On this Christmas Eve, I wish all who celebrate the holiday a very Merry Christmas. A little Bowie/Crosby above to get you in the mood. Even if the first few minutes of this video seems a little creepy and odd to me.

**Stupid criminals, you gotta love them.
Two guys in Edmonton decided to rob a store last week. Except the store they chose to rob is called the Free Store. Yep, the free store was burgled.
Where, you know, every single thing in the store is free! So exactly why are you stealing, and how much cash do you really think is in the register?

“For the most part, being a free store, we wouldn’t expect someone to come and rob us because they can come back and get it all free the next day,”  co-owner Brandon Tyson said. “But I guess apparently some people do.”
Read more about these Lex Luthor-like geniuses here. 

**Flew home to New York Thursday, and amazingly two days before Christmas, it was totally uneventful. Reasonably quick security line, smooth flight, except when we landed and the heavy wind sort of made our plane blow from side to side.

As always, airports and airplanes made me think of stuff, such as…
— Do you think the flight attendants, when they go home at night, wake up in a cold sweat sometimes mumbling the safety warnings? I could just see their husband/wife shaking them going “Honey, go back to sleep, everybody’s tray is perfectly upright.”
— And what is the over/under, time-wise, on when you’re allowed to start sighing and grumbling about an incessantly crying baby in the next row? How long do the parents have to try something to make the kid quiet down? Is it 10 minutes? 20 minutes? I just want to know the etiquette here.

**Finally I wrote about my love of this song last year, but it’s so good I feel I must write about it every year. Call it an “anti-Christmas” song, the Bob Rivers Comedy Group singing “The 12 Pains of Christmas.”
The “rigging up the lights” guy kills me every time.