Daily Archives: January 2, 2011

The Coens make an awesome “True Grit.” And the Winter Classic again rules

Joel and Ethan, I bow to your greatness.
I was pissed at the Coen brothers a few weeks ago, after seeing “A Serious Man,” their film from 2009, and hating it.
But I saw “True Grit” on New Year’s Eve, and it was fantastic. Brilliant. Sparklingly great dialogue, beautifully filmed, great acting, you name it.
If you haven’t seen their remake of the John Wayne classic (full disclosure: I’ve never seen an entire John Wayne movie. I know, I know…), I urge you to run to the theatre as soon as possible.
Jeff Bridges is fantastic, as he is in just about everything. He makes Rooster Cogburn alternately likable and hateable. The “star” of the movie is 14-year-old Hailey Steinfeld, who is just so strong and smart as Maddie Ross, who hires Rooster to avenge her father’s death.
Matt Damon, who I hardly ever like anymore, was good, too, and the supporting players like Josh Brolin were very well cast, too.
It’s just a terrific movie, that moves along well, has great scenery, and makes you wish it were longer.
The ending is beautiful and tender and I won’t spoil it. But this puppy ought to get a boatload of Oscar nominations.

**Another New Year’s Day, and another kick-ass NHL Winter Classic. This one was a little different, because it was played at night since rain threatened Pittsburgh all day Saturday.
But the Capitals and Penguins put on a great show, with the Caps winning 3-1. The novelty of playing outside, and having wind-aided slap shots, doesn’t wear off since the NHL smartly only does this once a year.
We didn’t get to see any fantastic goals by Sid Crosby or my favorite NHL player, Alex Ovechkin, but there was a great fight, a lot of hard hits, and the ice held up great, making for great action.
We didn’t get any snow (is there any way we could order snowflakes for this game every year, like on Amazon or something), but it was still superb.

And, because I didn’t get my Ovechkin fix last night, here’s maybe the best goal he’s ever scored:

Unless this one is better: God I love hockey.