Daily Archives: January 12, 2011

Yep, more guns will solve everything. Can’t stop raving about “Parenthood.” And marquee negligence annoys me

I knew this would happen.
A horrific episode of gun violence happens in America, and what is the answer, to some people?
More guns. Of course. And so we have the magnificently stupid idea Tuesday put forth by two Congressmen, Democrat Heath Shuler of North Carolina (yes, the same guy who was a spectacular bust as an NFL quarterback) and Republican Jason Chaffetz of Utah.
Both have said that in the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords near-assassination Saturday, they will both carry guns when at public events from now on.
“After the elections, I let my guard down,” Shuler said. “Now I know I need to have [my gun] on me. We’re going to need to do a much better job of with security at these events.”
Let me ask you a question Heath, and I’ll go slow in case you took too many hits to the head in football: Let’s say Gabby Giffords had a gun on her Saturday at her event. What do you think would’ve been different? Do you think she somehow would’ve seen Jared Loughner coming up at her from behind, whipped out her pistol, and fired at him before he had the chance to put a bullet in her head?
Do you think that’s what you could’ve done? Because let me tell you something. You could have all the artillery of the 82nd Airborne, and if a madman decides to come to a rally with a weapon, walks up to you and shoots you from five feet away, your gun won’t help you at all.
There are disturbed killers everywhere in this world. There always have been, always will be. If they want to get a job done, they’ll do it.
And all the guns in Heath Shuler’s world won’t be able to stop it.
And I don’t think the NRA, or the pro-gun people in this country,  will ever truly accept that.
And so, more guns. More, more, more.

**I cannot stop proselytizing about “Parenthood.” Another fantastic episode Tuesday night, as young Amber took the stage with her guitar and overcame her fears (the song was good, too). What this show consistently gets right, so right, is blending humor (Adam and Kristina in bed, while she plays the stupid game his new boss invented), with heart, and true-seeming themes and storylines.
Such a fantastic show. Glad to see the ratings for it are picking up; all my favorite shows seem to get cancelled.

**OK so hear me out on this. There’s a bar in Daytona Beach where I live called “Jeanie’s Pub.” It’s a pretty run-down little establishment, but you know, so what, it’s a bar. I pass by it every day on the way to work.
For at least six months now, the “b” has been missing from their name on the little marquee they have outside facing the street.
Yep, since the summer, it’s read “Jeannie’s Pu.” Now, sure, I’m glad that they’re warning me about the smell and everything.
But don’t you think they’d have a little pride in their establishment, at least enough to replace the “b” on the marquee? Can it be that expensive to get a new “b” and put it up on the sign? Is the job that labor-intensive that the owners just can’t be bothered?
I feel like pulling over one day, running into the restaurant, throwing a giant “b” at them, and then walking out.
Just makes me mad. Show me you care, Jeannie. Replace the damn “b.”