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Psyched up for Jets-Patriots. Aaron Rodgers is insane. And the dangers of coffee in the cockpit

All week, I’ve been trying to convince myself the New York Jets can win today.
As I’ve tried ignore their incessant, idiotic blathering and trash-talking, and wondered how a team that lost by FORTY-TWO points to the Patriots last time they played can talk this much garbage, I kept coming up with different theories:
— The Patriots are due for a stinker of a game. Brady can’t keep playing this well.
— Mark Sanchez has a 22-for-29, 245 yards, 2 TDs, no interceptions game in him. And it’s ready to come out.– The Jets can run the ball down New England’s throat, and keep Brady off the field.
And so on. I tried, I really tried. I can usually talk myself into ANY Jets win in the days leading up to the game.
But today … I just can’t see it. Look, forget all the trash talking and stupid stuff that’s been said in press all week. The Patriots are just flat-out better than the Jets.
They have a better coach. They have a better quarterback. They have a better offense. They have home-field advantage. They’re rested coming off a bye last week. They’re healthier than the Jets.
I think my boys need to play an almost-perfect game to win today, and New England has to play badly and sloppily.
I just don’t see it. It kills me to say it, but the Jets won’t win. 31-20 Pats is my prediction.
But maybe …
If you believe in karma and omens … Rex Ryan is pulling out all the stops for this one. He finally shut up Saturday night long enough for maybe the most inspirational Jet ever, Dennis Byrd, to give a motivational speech to the team. Byrd was paralyzed in a game in 1992, eventually regaining the ability to walk.
Hey, it might be the best move Rex made all week. Maybe the spirit of Dennis Byrd can lift the green and white to new heights.

For the Jets fans out there, including me, here’s a little video to get you psyched for the 4:30 p.m. kickoff.
As they say at Disney World: Believe.

**Watched both playoff games Saturday. Aaron Rodgers played one of the best games I’ve ever seen by a quarterback Saturday for the Green Bay Packers. He was just insanely good.
— Was cool to hear my current city, Ormond Beach, Fla., name-dropped by Joe Buck on national TV during the Falcons-Packers game (Falcons kick returner Eric Weems is from here).
— Hey Pittsburgh, guess you forgive Ben Roethlisberger for all that sexual assault stuff now, huh? That was a hell of a game, Steelers-Ravens. So brutal and physical I felt the hits through my TV.

**Finally today, a word to all you airplane pilots out there: Be careful with that coffee.
A pilot on a flight from Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany on Jan. 5 spilled coffee in the cockpit, and the spill caused distress signals to go out saying the plane was in trouble, and was being hijacked. The plane then landed in Canada.
Seriously. I couldn’t make that up. Check out the details here.
Next time guys, get your caffeine fix before you pull away from the gate, eh?