Obama’s SOTU will disappoint me. Leftover Jets thoughts. And a great new Showtime show

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I’ve been hesitant to blog about the great new Showtime show “Shameless” because I wasn’t sure I was going to stick with it.
But after three episodes, I can heartily endorse it, if you’re smart enough to have a Showtime subscription. In my mind it has definitely surpassed HBO in terms of quality shows.
How to describe “Shameless?” It’s quite bizarre, hilarious, sad, and very well-written.
It stars William H. Macy as a drunk, mostly-absent father of a whole bunch of kids, the beautiful Emmy Rossum as Fiona, the oldest kid (I think she’s like 18 or so) who really runs the family and keeps everyone alive and fed, and a bunch of other talented young actors. Plus Joan Cusack as a woman who’s afraid to leave her house. And who doesn’t love Joan Cusack?
The pilot episode was so bizarre, but each episode has gotten better and stronger, and Macy is an incredible actor. There are a lot of places the story can go, and  I really hope it finds a big audience.
Check it out Sundays at 10 on Showtime. You can thank me later.

**Still stewing a bit in the Jets’ defeat; maybe marinating in it is more like it. Two thoughts kept coming into my mind thinking about the loss:
1. That 1st and goal from the Pittsburgh 2 series, with the Jets down 24-10, is going to haunt me for a while. Why not try a play-action pass if you insist on passing there, Brian Schottenheimer? Or heck, how about a Sanchez bootleg on 3rd down? It worked beautifully against Pittsburgh last time the teams played.
Oy. Pass the Maalox.
2. A few people Monday told me that “hey, next year for the Jets. The future is bright.” Except here’s the thing: There may not be a next year in the NFL. Labor disharmony will likely wipe out the 2011 season, and who knows how much beyond that.
We have no idea what free agency, the draft, any of it, will look like when the NFL resumes after the Super Bowl.
The Jets could look radically different the next time we see them. Nothing is ever guaranteed in sports; maybe this will be the only two AFC title games Rex Ryan ever gets them to.
That’s why Sunday hurt so much. Because you just don’t know when the next chances will come.

**Finally, my President is speaking on TV tonight. State of the Union. I’m hearing rumblings from all the political commentators that I read that Obama is going to “move to the center,” and he’ll present “centrist ideas” and yada yada yada.
No thanks. I’ve had two years of wishing the President was more liberal, and now it appears he’s going to shift to the center. And be more moderate.
Sigh. So disappointing. But maybe I’ll be roused by the speech tonight. I usually am by this man.

One response to “Obama’s SOTU will disappoint me. Leftover Jets thoughts. And a great new Showtime show

  1. Brian McLaughlin

    Don’t worry, Lew. There ain’t nothin’ centrist about this guy. He’s no Slick Willie Clinton. You’ll be fine — at least until BHO loses in Nov. 2012.

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