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Oscar noms are mostly on-point. And anti-semitism in pro hockey?

A rare Wide World of Stuff teaser: Tomorrow I will tell you about my crazy car adventure Tuesday night, when a huge rainstorm, slick tires, and a little carelessness found me and my Toyota stuck in a ditch for an hour on the side of the road (we’re both OK, thanks for asking).
No time to tell that story tonight, but tune in tomorrow, I promise you’ll be entertained…

Always love Oscar nomination day. Usually I see the list come out and I get annoyed that my favorite from such and such movie got snubbed.
But I have to say, I think the nominees are pretty damn good this year.
I’m still not a fan of the whole 10 best picture nominees; I thought five was fine.
But a lot of my favorites got picked this year. I am very glad “True Grit,” and Hailey Steinfeld, got nominated, and I hope Melissa Leo from “The Fighter” wins best supporting actress. Also thrilled to see “Toy Story 3” get a Best Picture nominee, though I highly doubt it’ll win.
I was surprised that “Waiting for Superman,” the documentary about the failing school system in America that everyone loved, didn’t get tapped.
Still, a darn good group of nominees, methinks.

**This story actually surprised and disturbed me when I saw it Tuesday night. Jason Bailey, a former hockey player in the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks organization, has filed a lawsuit against the organization and one of its minor league teams, the Bakersfield Condors, alleging anti-Semitism and a constant stream of verbal harassment.
I know what you’re thinking: There are Jewish hockey players? Yeah, I was surprised too, and I’m Jewish. But hey, there are several in the NHL, including the Montreal Canadiens’ Mike Cammalleri and the Washington Capitals’ Jeff Halpern.
In Bailey’s lawsuit, he says that Bakersfield coach Martin Raymond made derogatory comments like “they (Jews) only care about money and who’s who.”
And the suit says the assistant coach, Mark Pederson, said “well, I don’t know if we can trust him with money, he’s Jewish.”
Beyond the absurdity of that statement (everyone knows my people are good with money. Remember the great “Freaks and Geeks” line from the Jewish character Neil Schweiber: “I was elected class treasurer, and I didn’t even run.”), I’m surprised that, if true, the coaches would single out Bailey’s Jewishness as something to make fun of.
I’ve been around hockey players a lot as a reporter, and let me tell you, these guys will make fun of anything about their teammates. How they look, how they dress, how they skate, everything.
Never once did I ever hear religion brought into any discussion. Hockey players simply don’t care.
I’m not saying Bailey is making this stuff up; if true, the Anaheim organization absolutely should’ve disciplined Raymond and Pederson.
I’m just surprised that any hockey player, with so many other things to choose from in a ragging on a guy, would go after another’s religious beliefs.
What, the guy wasn’t ugly enough to make comments about his face?