My newest addiction. And the coolest crime-fighting tool yet

I have a new addiction, and I’m going to admit here to you so maybe I can get help.
I resisted it for so long. I ignored the pleas of friends and family alike. Try it, they said. You might like it.
Finally, I broke down and tried it. And now, I can’t stop, won’t stop.
I, Michael Lewis, am a Twitter addict.
I check in in the morning and Tweet. I check in the afternoon and Tweet. I spend hours at work when I’m not able to check Twitter and wonder what I’m missing.
It’s not all about narcissism; it’s not like I am racing to tell the world every little detail of my life (hey, that’s what this blog is for!).
I’m addicted to other people’s Tweets, is what it is. I follow people who are always making me laugh, or think, or most often, linking to stuff I want to read or watch.
It’s a perfect medium for when you’re bored, or looking for the world’s reaction to something that just happened.
I really never thought I’d become one of those people, who are addicted to Twitter.
But hey, if it’s good enough for Alyssa Milano or Shaquille O’Neal,  it’s good enough for me.

**Gotta love the people of Ogden, Utah. Not just because they’re, you know, in Utah.
But because they’ve finally figured out how to solve crime. More police cars and policemen on the streets? Nah. Better security systems for local businesses Uh-oh.
Nope, the new trick is a crime-fighting blimp. Yeah, seriously, a blimp. Flying, oh, 3 miles an hour over the city (actually 40), the new unmanned blimp will have cameras that can videotape faces and license plates of scofflaws.
I can’t wait until the world’s first high-speed blimp chase. How can the criminal possibly get away when chased by a blimp?
Impossible, I say.

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