Daily Archives: February 7, 2011

A pretty darn good Super Bowl. And a few pretty awesome commercials

Given that it’s a near-certainty that Sunday’s game as the last real NFL football I’d be seeing for at least a year and a half, I’m glad it was a pretty entertaining game.
With the owners getting set to lock out the players (billionaires fighting millionaires, as it were), Sunday’s Super Bowl was all we’re getting probably until 2012.
So I’m happy it was a hell of a game. All the classic elements of a great contest were there; one team gets out to a big lead, the other comes all the way back, and we’ve got an exciting finish.
Lots of topics to hit on from this game, and all the FOX-related hoopla throughout the day:
— Aaron Rodgers will play in, and win more Super Bowls than that guy he replaced, Brett something or other. And who in the world could’ve ever predicted that? It never happens in sports that a legendary QB follows another legendary QB. It happened in San Francisco with Montana and Young, but off the top of my head that’s the only time it happened in my lifetime.
— We went a few years there in the post-Ed McCaffrey/Wayne Chrebet time without a stud, fast white wide receiver in the NFL. Glad to see Jordy Nelson is stepping in to fill the void.
— I didn’t look this up, but I thought that was the fewest penalties I’d ever seen called in a Super Bowl. Good to see.
— That camera shot of Cameron Diaz feeding Alex Rodriguez popcorn? Priceless.
— The halftime show was, umm, interesting. I thought the Black Eyed were mostly OK, though Fergie’s mic kept cutting out, it looked like. LOVED that Slash got some SB halftime love, with “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” one of my favorite-ever songs, though it didn’t sound great.

— Did you hear about the ticket fiasco before the game? 1,250 people had tickets for seats that didn’t exist or weren’t deemed safe, and had to be moved. 400 people never got a place to sit, having to stand and watch the game on monitors. Disgraceful. Check out the details here.

— How good is Clay Matthews Jr., the Packers’ stud linebacker? Amazingly good.
— I thought Troy Aikman had a bad game announcing for FOX. He misspoke a bunch of times and didn’t really add anything to the broadcast.
— I tweeted this last night: Look at how many injuries there were in the Super Bowl. And the NFL owners want to add two games to the schedule. Insanity.
— Still annoyed the Jets weren’t in this game Sunday. Arrghh. So close.

**As for the commercials, well, I thought most of them were blah. But here were my three favorites. Above, we have the NFL paying tribute to its fans through classic TV, digitally enhancing everyone with football paraphernalia. Brilliant.

**Then, a truly moving commercial from Chrysler, starring Eminem. I don’t buy for a minute that Detroit is going to reclaim its title as car capital of the world, but it’s a hell of a good ad:

**And this one might’ve been my favorite, the Volkswagen Darth Vader commercial. So good. And the expression on the father’s face when he presses the remote button? Fabulous.

Which did you think were the best commercials?