Daily Archives: February 12, 2011

It’s July 4th in Egypt. The most apologetic thief ever. And an NBA player tries to sell his own jersey as a store employee

There’s a great line in my favorite movie “Field of Dreams,” spoken by Moonlight Graham. He says “we just don’t realize the most significant moments in our lives as they’re happening to us.”
I thought about that Friday while watching CNN, and seeing the faces of the Egyptian people in Tahrir Square. This was their Independence Day; for the rest of their lives every single Egyptian will remember where they were on Feb. 11, 2011, and how incredible it felt.
It’s really remarkable to watch a nation’s leadership topple; it only took about three weeks for a dictator who’s been in power for three decades to crumble.
Look at the faces in that picture. Look at the joy felt by a people who never have known freedom. That this could happen in the Middle East must hearten the Iranians, and everyone else who dreams of throwing off the shackles off totalitarianism.
How lucky we are to be alive to see the world change in such a major way.

This struck me as the saddest thing I’d seen in a while. A Seattle convenience store is robbed, and the thief seems about as apologetic about it as you can imagine. It’s painful watching him do this. Look, I’m not in any way condoning what he did. I’m just saying, this is what some people in our world, circa 2011, have come to:

**A young NBA player on the Knicks named Landry Fields did something awesome. He went to work at a New York-area  Modell’s Sporting Goods store and tried to sell his jersey to customers. It, eh, didn’t go quite so well: But I totally applaud him for his good humor.